Monday, November 12, 2007

My First Heroics

Well if your progressing on gear everyone has to start Heroics at some point. A warrior friend of mine really needed a tank so being hesitant with a PuG I said why not. So we headed to Mechanar to get some Heroic Badges. Me Protec Paladin, a Warrior (Fury), 2 Warlocks, Shaman (Resto). No CC there except for the demons it turned out.

Have run Mech a few times was familiar with the place. But on Heroics I can really tell the difference in being hit hard on Plate. No joke, Heroics do hit pretty damn hard. The Shaman healer is a friend of mine and did many runs with him before and he was also a bit new to Heroics. Think he took a while getting used to healing Heroics so we ended up wiping a few times during the entire run. On Capacitus we wiped once due to the Resto Shaman running out of mana, I could clearly see it as it was happening. Everything hits as hard as a asteroid impact in Heroics. A few times I seen hits on me for 3-6k hits including on bosses.

The fourth boss the Fire Boss lady just sucked, we tried her last and wiped on her several times with all 3 fire elementals running around. Best try we got her to like 4k health and we wiped but it didn't help that the DPS died first and I last one alive when we wiped. The waves to the last boss we had to reset them a few times as someone easily died when they were getting hit and with lots of fire damage that burn hot like sunspots. We wiped a bit learning Heroics. But we did get our 4 badges to stay the least. One the Warlock a clothy was complaining how much her repair cost was going to be. I never said much about that being the tank but I can say my repair cost was over 25g for the run and that's not including all the tanking food consumables I used or including Potions/Elixirs/Wizard Oils. Cloth wearing class can say all they want in a instance but I can tell you their repair is no where in the ball park of what a tank consumption and repair cost is. I go into every instance fully stocked. Often inmost cases a tank cost can easily out cost the entire 5-man group repair bill and if you include all the consumables its a pretty damn high cost.

Never been to Slave Pens before but later with my new guild we ran Slaves Pen on Heroics. That was smoother but we had 2 wipe deaths due to inadvertent adds on the first boss right at the pull and another sometime after that. Most the Naga mobs I just AoE for CC unless the mage had one sheep or rogue had one sapped. The second and last boss we one shot both of those. Picked up some plate gear and epic gem and all 3 Heroic Badges. The gear drop I can barely remember what they were. Was fun. But best I can say if doing Heroics you really need good gear, damn good healer, good DPS and for no one to pull aggro if can help it. CC does makes like much easier. Run a instance your at least familiar with on Heroics. I always prefer 1 or 2 mages in Instances. Melee mobs in Heroics hits real hard its just in my opinion ridiculous the amount of damage they hit for. Well 8 more Heroic Badges and I can get my Libram of Repentance and a few huge repair bills I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Nice work! I have done both of these heroics on my rogue - try having them hit you on leather!

Generally on mech we skip the fourth boss (the lady) as she can just be too much of a nightmare for a badge.

On Slavepens theres a few neat tricks. There is one spot in the room full of trapped slaves (the large open cavern before first boss) where if you time the pat's correctly you can run around all of the mobs and get directly to the right of the tunnel entrance. This saves a lot of pain, and you just need to kill the two defenders guarding the tunnel entrance. (p.s. due to them being immune to CC, its helpful to have a rogue pop his stuns on the main kill target to slow it down - they do hit damn hard)

Also when heading for Rockmar there is a small bridge (before the big drop into the pool) that has a small platform below it. You can jump off carefully onto the platform then jump for a ledge against the wall(err i should take some screenshots for you). This means you can get to the outside of the tunnel just before rockmar and skip several pulls (basically that whole room where you jump down into the pool).

If you want i can take some screenies next time im in their and show ya.

What was it like to pallytank? We're you able to tank multiple mobs? Or was CC definetely needed?

p.s. i made a post on my blog telling people they should read your blog.
Because they should! Great work i love your blog :p

Galoheart said...

Thanks for the Tip though all the tips you mentioned are great tips and saved a lot of time we did use all those tips on the run. They saved a lot of time indeed.

As for the Naga if it weren't already sheeped, or on sap since we had a rogue in Slave Pens i tanked them all in AoE. Helps to have a good healer.

Im Mech we didnt have any real CC with exception on the demons up to Capacitus.

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome!
Im looking forward to getting my tankadin up to 70 and trying some of this stuff :)

Keep up the posts i love reading this stuff!

Alex - aka Firelight said...

Mech is a pain. I've done umpteen runs there just killing the 2 mini bosses and the 1st big robot dude.

Our tankadin doesnt have any problem with the mobs in there due to the amount of raiding gear he has (t4, and kara epics)

But yes you're right, if you get aggro from any of the patrolling robot dudes Ouch! even in plate they can 1/2 shot me!! God bless Stun!!

Annoyingly Blizz have nerfed the Mech 3 badge runs, but they've added so many more ways to get badges (kara and daily instance quests) So its not all that bad!

Wulfie said...

Slave Pens and Mech are two of the easier ones to do in my experience, and they make a good place to start your heroic training. If you want my advice, stay out of Heroic Sethekk Halls, Auchenai Crypts and Mana Tombs unless you have amazing CC. I find all three to be poor in the rewards/returns department.

The fire lady in Mech's annoying unless you have a lot of good ranged DPS (and preferrably Warlocks/Moonkins/Shadow Priests with DoTs-a-plenty). Just kite and dot when you're being chased and nuke when you're not. And remember to move if an elemental stands beside you. We kill her fairly easily now, but it wasn't always the case.

Slave Pens is also good and fast, three badges in under an hour once you know the pulls. I have to say though, you're braver than I am if you're taking on the packs after the second boss with no CC.

Once you've got an insane block set together, it'll be time to wow folks with sub-1hour Heroic Shattered Halls runs.

Zerei said...

I've done a lot of heroic healing, and even on paladin tanks who hadn't reached uncrushability yet...and wow, I had to through mana conservation to the wind and just get those heals going, spamming them, or the tank would die.

It really generally seems like in many heroics, the trash mobs give you more trouble than the bosses. Not always the case, but I can relate, as you find some trash mobs hitting as hard as Kara bosses.

I haven't done a lot of tanking them myself, just once or twice on my warrior, which I wasn't quite geared for.

I would recommend heroic underbog to the list of fairly easy heroics, though the double bog lord pull just before the first boss is always a bit messy.

Galoheart said...

Thanks Wulfie for the tip.

Will try that next time in Mech when we have a good DPS group. Slave Pens is fun and think i'll be running it more easily as well as Mech but leaving the fire boss alone for the most part.

Galoheart said...

Will try Heroic Underbog at some point to. Yeah some the trash seem to hit way harder than the boss in some case.

I know in Heroic Mechanor at Boss Capacitus one time i looked at my combat log to see why we wiped. I remember getting hit for 3k then right after that for almost 7K inbetween heals..ouch.

*The interesting thing in patch 2.3 with people doing Heroics at jush Honored level and undergeared is lots of groups is going to get killed if they undergeared. And that's very very likely to happen.

Megan said...

Make sure you check around Lower City for Heroic Daily Quests, last night's was.. Heroic Ramparts and Heroic Shattered Halls I think, extra badges and gold!

Elistana said...

I'm a firm believer (aka stubborn) that I should treat Heroics like Drugs... "Just say no" :P

Delos said...

Yay for heroics! The lowered rep requirement and the addition of daily heroic quests made me try my first heroics yesterday.

Delos went to heroic Ramparts (had saved the quest from the previous day). We wiped about 5 times, but ended up clearing it, so I got my 3 badges (plus 2 from the quest). All I have to say about that is thank god I have 11.8K armor as a caster. When the mage pulled aggro, it was GG. I can at least take 4-5 hits which gives the tank some time.

Grats on the heroics! Pally tanks are perfect for them from what I've seen!

Kaziel said...

With the new rewards available for Badges released with 2.3, a lot of the items are really nice upgrades. Plus the addition of the Heroic Dailies, you can get more badges than ever. It's a good time to be doing heroics.