Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blogs I Read

I read more blogs that you see there, be too long a list if I put them all there too. Most popular ones I read are there though. I often adds new links, not just for you to find but often because its easier for me to remember where to find it. Often I add blog articles linked to other peoples blog that I find interesting to my blog link list. Anyway here is a new comer that plays a Rogue but likes to drop Paladin seals. I have a Rogue too but he's been stunlocked at level 20 for quite a while. Why are Paladin type blogs so popular? I may update this entry if and when time permits.

Seal of Rogueshness


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link :)


Light Of The Sun said...

hey i am new to this community but i love paladins if you to read my begging blog of mine here is my link.
i am trying to get into the this kind of writing talking to actually people who really care.the wow forums are jyst filled with rude people