Saturday, November 10, 2007

Uncrittable & Uncrushable, Pre-Kara and Heroics

Well I've now achieved it, both uncrittable at 490 Defense and uncrushable at 102.4% (Miss/Dodge/Parry/Block) total avoidance value while Holy Shield is active for a Paladin. All Pre-Kara & Pre-Heroics. All unbuffed at 10.4 HP and at 4188 mana. All my gear are either Quest Rewards, Revered/Exaled Faction Reputation gear and 3 pieces of Crafted gear one piece a Epic Crafted piece. I have no Heroics or Karazhan gear as I have yet to do either.

All I did was log in and played around with a some pieces of gear I collected recently. In my normal gear usually worn I have a max of 11.2 HP but in that set I'm uncrittable but much crushable Pre-Kara. With Libram of Repentance from Heroics that would also give me a lot of different gear options for both uncrittable and uncrushable gear set combination.

Combined Avoidance without Holy Shield active and with Holy Shield active using the Avoidance Macro to easily calculate combined avoidance value. Just a little bit over 102.4% for uncrushable through various combination of a few select pieces of alternative gear. Another reason to KEEP ALL YOUR GOOD GEAR!

I have about 4 different combination of gear sets using ItemRack addon. This just the gear set listing that I'm wearing for uncrushable set. My Armory set is a different set I usually wear and interchange trinkets & weapons when in instance. Will have do a posting where you can obtain all that gear in another blog posting.


Salud said...


David "Southernboy" Hanson said...

Nice Work!
I have taken your list and Linked to the wowhead for each item and compared to my current equip. Great work your part!

Anonymous said...

Grats!! Good work!

gt said...

Congrats! That is a crazy feat there.

Do you think you will now start guild hunting and enter Kara or do you have other plans?

Galoheart said...


Won't say it was that hard. Most people at 70 within dinging a hair of 70 seem to usually jump straight to Kara if they get the chance so they can get Phat loot and such. In doing so they improve their gear on the job which may help or hinder them maybe all depends.

I just took a different road and decided to work on my skill and gear and for the fun of things and pretty much following Kaziel's list it worked out. I pickep up lots of alternative gear along the way and all of that made a difference all Pre-Kara & Pre-Heroics.

Its doable but just my thoughts few people i thing would do that. Its so much easier for a unprepared guild to jump straight to Kara and face whatever comes there.