Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tanking Tactics: Target Targeting

Target Targeting is a UI function I found that's a absolute joy to have Tanking. My UI is mostly Ace based, its not perfect nor do I need it that way. It works for what I need it to do and set up the way it is because I tank. I use ag_Unitframes a Ace base addon for my UI structure and in that you can set it up to set Target Targeting or anything else you like such as being able to see mob spell casting on botton of pic. Very helpfull if your looking at casters to know that to either Hammer of Justice or release Arcane Torrent (Blood Elfs) to silence mob before the spell is casted.

So from the pic it should be more than obvious to you if your a tank to see the benefit of Target Targeting or as simple as one can say knowing just who that mob/boss is looking at or paying attention to. Aggro in short. Boss Warchief Kargath there in one of many game snapshots have me firm in his sight. If he changed target due to aggro or it keeps flipping back and forth from anyone else I know it immediately someone is riding me on aggro or I can look up at my threat meter (Omen). If he or any other boss takes off after group I know who it will be as their pic will replace mine (next to mob) as I'm still focus on him so I know who his target is. I can hit my Taunt macro immediately and he's right back to me in firm control. I can also at my eye level without wandering around see all his debuffs if it matters and see my judgement is still there. On mobs that remove judgements I can know I need to put my judgement back up there. I can easily see his life drops in relation to mine without looking all over the place right in one view.

However you look at it, as a tank Target Targeting is pretty darn valuable in knowing all the time who my mob is focus on, if I have first aggro or if someone else pet does and I need to taunt mob to me. If its a group fight with many mobs and clothy is in mob target and taunt is on cooldown. Then I resort to my next trick...Blessing of Protection macro Taunt without ever changing target as its done through Target Targeting on clothy, gets mob off bubbled clothy caster usually back to me. Target Targeting is nifty to have if your the tank, for dps too but more usefull to a tank IMO.


Anonymous said...

Ahh the enemy spell casting can be done through the interface options in wow. Handy for all classes to turn on.

As for seeing easily who a mob is targetting, i've been looking for something like this!

I may have to lookup some fun tanking add on's...heh. I want one that warns me when a mob targets another player...may be a hard ask.

Augustian said...

Useful for a healer too. I use target of target to let me see boss health while I'm healing. This lets me compare boss health to my mana bar and see whether things are going good or bad.