Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's In a Bank? - Alt Personal Bank

Hmm, I remember that post I did a while bank about "What's In a Bag". This time it's What's in my Alt personal Guild Bank. My level 13 Warlock is my Banker toon on Zangarmarsh server. The lvl 18 Shadow Priest is my Banker toon on my old server of Rexxar and he still holds my small fortune there too. My Warlock Banker has his own personal guild: Legion of Armageddon and his own personal Guild Bank. This bank is the central bank for all of Galo's stuff he can't fit in his own personal bank and stuff he has to deposit spread out over various alts in their own bank that I barely play. I haven't seen the Guild Bank controls not sure where its at. Maybe because there is a one person Guild Bank not sure.

So having bought a Guild Bank tab for 100g its just about filled already. Next tab is 250g for that tab. I would love to invest some gold to buy another bank tab in the Guild Bank but I rather save the money for now for my Epic Flying Mount fund to get to 5200g. Already spent 120g on Bank and Guild. All I usually do is just mail everything Galo has from Outland to my Alt bankers due to limited bag & bank space to my Alt banker to store or sell on AH. Even my Alt personal bank space is full of stuff. Need more space! Galo is in a Guild but I don't use that Guild Bank I have my own. However if I was to sell all that other stuff I'm sure I can muster up a few hundred gold. Working on it.

Epic Flying Mount Fund:
Zangarmarsh: 2275 g. Increasing Daily as long as I don't have massive repair bills.
Rexxar: 1688 g. How do I get all my money off that server. Takes getting lvl 18 Shadow Priest to lvl 30. Priest being at lvl 18 for over 6 months. Get my lvl 28 Hunter to lvl 30. At level 30 I can split the gold among the two alts and transfer them to my current server and get my gold.

Total current Epic Flying Mount Fund: 3963 g. I think I'm looking good for that mount soon. If I also sell the extra stuff sitting in my alts banks I'm sure I can get 1000g.

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