Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chilling Out and Laying Low

How does one very dedicated player and Tank pick himself up after been burned out playing to some degree in the endgame. Well I still don't know yet, and when and if I do you will be sure to know. So I've being chilling out and just laying low playing here and there.

Since I've been back playing I've barely managed to do a grand total of no more than 5 daily quests for the SSO and attain Friendly status with the faction. Haven't considered Tanking anything Heroic nor have I even tried. Its also a good thing no one has asked me to. I haven't seen MrT yet either regular or Heroics to say the least. Just doing questing I can tell I'm a bit rusty in my game play and my reflexes seem noticeably slow among other things. The effects of not playing for a while can be felt. However I'm just chilling out in the game all the same. Since I'm not doing much, or Tanking anything I have no stress and no worries right doing anything.

A few my ex guildmated from my old guild /w me a few times when I logged on asked where I been and why I had left the guild "Alamat". So we chat for a while about that and then later logged off after, chilling out with no worries and no pressure to go anywhere or be anywhere. I was told I was missed much by the guild, the raid team as well as by the warrior MT who we both got along real well as a duo team tanking. Didn't think I would be missed much though. One positive effect is that my old guild has grown allot since recruiting a lot of new members in that time since I left. I wish them well and so I still have friends there which remains a good thing.

Since I had over a 107 Badges sitting in the bank, went ahead at the new badge vendor and picked up the new leg piece Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor so it was nice to retire the Blue Timewarden's Leggings I wore for what seem like forever. In other news got a pre-order in for Age of Conan which comes out next month so may be trying that a bit as something else different for a mix of things. Got a pre-order in for Warhammer Online for later in the year as well for a bit of variety. Both dosen't have to be better than WoW for me, just something different vs WoW all the time.

Playing With Alts
As much as I usually hate spending time playing alts, have being playing around with a few more alts and a few new ones laying low chilling out. Other than my bankers lvl forever lvl 13 Warlock and lvl 20 Shadow Priest did have a 38 Hunter and lvl 20 Rogue which had all before trying our one of every other class. So now all alts are at least over level 10 and just plan to at least get them all to level 20 and see which class I like apart from my Paladin Main.

So far playing with a level 10 Mage, 13 Warrior, 15 Druid, and a newly minted lvl 20 Enhancement Shaman. The Shaman happened to be the very last alt I created and the first of the bunch I got to lvl 20 and seem to have some appeal. One thing playing the Shaman was just astounded how long the level 20 Shaman quest took, seem like forever running all over the place. It does gets a bit dull repeating quests over and over leveling each one but it gets faster every time also. All alts are Horde of course. Pretty much low impact play for the moment.

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Anonymous said...

One thing you should not do to avoid burnout is group with your alts. Seeing other tanks do it poorly is very, very frustrating. "Sorry, what's Righteous Fury?"


However, having been a skilled tank in the past keeps you from being a liability as DPS tomorrow. I ran my rogue through SM two nights ago and was the only person in the group not to pull aggro from the tank. I was also the only person besides the tank running Omen.