Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Speed Runs & The Resto Shaman

Well Heroics are always the story of my life usually. Its the thing I seem to do most more than anything else. I'm not in a raiding guild so I can't talk about raiding Kara, SSC and beyond much unless I'm there. But on my server we do have one interesting character, a Resto Shaman! A ubar Resto Shaman that is who happens to be in the #1 Guild on my server wearing T5+. See guild name on WoW Jutsu below.

Anyway I'm not sure I quite understand what drives this one Resto Shaman. But he happens to be a friend that I met in Heroics on a PuG a few weeks back. However I'm not sure how much this players sleeps or breaks from WoW. He's fairly well known in Trade on the server I would say as well if not a character himself. Saying that this person is a character to me is an understatement in my view. He is a Character! And he can heal his ass off as far as I can tell and he might need something to calm him down more than half the time. I mean Really! He's like a energizer bunny, he can barely sit still in one place.

On most days (Nights) when he's not raiding the Black Temple you can clearly see him forming or asking for bodies to run Speed Heroics one after the other. And I mean a lot of them. Then when he's done with that he's off to Kara and ZA. ZA most often it seems. Ive even gotten a few invites to run ZA though I've graciously declined while he taunts me with whatever purple that drops there. It can get real funny at times. But I'm not sure what drives this one Resto Shaman or make him quite tick. I just know he can heal his ass off.

So yesterday my friend the Resto Shaman /w and ask if I'm up for Heroics. Yeah sure, why not. Had Tank, got a Warlock friend of mine who also needs to get plenty of Badges of Justice. I invited another friend I knew and we found another PuG DPS and off we went. In less than 3 hrs I had 13 Badges of Justice from Heroics running SH, BoT, SP. Quite a few Prismatic Shards as everything was sharded and void Crystal or two. After that somehow the Resto got worn out and logged off for food and such. Later that day he was back to his old ways again Speed Running Heroics and more. That got me calculating Badges a bit. Imagine how fast Badges of Justice racks up when you can average them at 13 or more a day in less than 3hrs over a week or two.

So I had to Inquire while on one of our runs just why the Resto runs soo many Heroics? What gives? Well when the Gem Vendor gets unlocked the Badges he collects buys more Epic Gems for his T5+ gear other than whatever he already gets there and well as selling the Gems. He has Leatherworking and has lots of Epic patterns it seems and uses the Nether's since he collects allot of them for crafting at his progression level. He crafts the Leather gear with the other mats into Epic gear with his patterns of various kinda and promote them in Trade selling his Items. On most days you can see him promoting something in Trade of Epic quality. From what he says he makes around 1000-1300g or so on his pieces. Seems he sold one or two pieces while we were waiting on him to run Heroics SH. So that's part of what I'm told that partially drives this ubar Resto Shaman. I don't know the rest of the story though.

But we did run Heroics SH last of the 3 Heroics we got to and after he sold his stuff and whatever the real story is with this one Resto Shaman is that SH rocked. We had fun, I collected ever badge and even got the rescue done. We ran the guantlet with no deaths and only stopped 3-4 times to kill the patrols all way up to the boss. You know I really need to do the Title thing for Adal for Heroics and just have him as healer if can with a few friends. But you know this Resto Shaman needs a Tank to make his runs happen with Heroics. I need Badges of Justice for my few remaining Badge pieces and a Warlock friend that needs tons of Badges. If you ask me that's a relationship that's works. All needed is 2 more DPS thats crazy enough to do runs like that. But that's the story of this one Resto Shaman and Speed Heroics.

All I have to say is that this guy can heal his ass off beyond that I don't know. I can recall on all 3 Heroics umm we had no CC whatsoever. Nope, none. I just consecrated everything. Afterall I had a ubar Resto Shaman Healer. For SH run we had another Elemental Shaman and that was crazy it itself with DPS and weapons proc. And you know that guy never ran out of mana either. Are Resto Shamans really that ubar?

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