Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Up to this point I've put sheer effort in to playing my Tankadin that could (Galo). I've leveled against the tide of conventional thought and wisdom. I proudly did it my way.

I've grounded many my cold steel blades blunt running 5 mans from Greens > Solid Blues > Solid Blues Uncrittable/Uncrushable and got ever single drop all being guildless.

Literally ran more Heroics for Badges of Justice that I can count or remember and replaced Blues with Epics. Not every piece but as best as once can with sheer effort and time.

I've grounded out almost every single Faction Rep that I desired to get done with sheer determination and effort..... alone.

Made more money making gold and farming all kind of stuff to make a killing with pocket money till it wasn't a problem for this Tankadin to pay for anything he needed to enhance his gear or repair money. Did it till it just wasn't fun to make anymore.

I've got every Epic Mount I ever wanted.

I've played and had fun playing WoW and my Paladin on my own terms.

I don't PvP, nor have I ever worn what's often called by many Welfare Epics!

Almost every piece of gear I've literally taken for the clutches of a dead Instance Boss or the Badges they had.

Galo don't have the best gear, but he earned it all.

I've Tried and geared Galo as best I could with my own effort and sheer determination and focus. As well as enchanting and geming my gear with the best of everything available.

I've made every single raid at my level I was scheduled for and made it on time every time from beginning to end. I've been accountable.

I've Pugged more than one can ask for and more than any person should.

I've Blogged about my efforts for almost exactly and entire year with consistency.

I've given the best effort that one can give of my time to my One dedicated character (Galo). I've given a 150% effort.

The hardest thing in all that time is to find others who gives as much effort and do it dedicatedly as I've given my own character.

I've found its not fun to look for Guilds nor is it fun to join and leave either. Time and effort is lost.

My Character may never progress beyond Karazhan and see SSC, TK (The Eye) Mount Hyjal, The Black Temple or let alone the new Sunwell. Its just about a guaranteed that I will never see Illidan.

Nothing in my accomplishments lacks sheer effort or the sheer will to try and over come the ability to advance oneself despite the odds of One Individual.

It takes a Team of like minded Individuals with the same goal to make genuine reasonable progress. That can be most elusive.

Some days its been fun, some days its been more fun that others. Some days you have ups and down with your character. I've had those.

I've been most proud of every single accomplishment that my character has undertaken and well as the sheer effort he has done every task.

I've accomplished more than I've ever wanted when I first started this game coming from playing SecondLife. Seen and done more than I thought I would do in the game. As well as played one main character dedicatedly for as long as I have played.

At this point I really don't care much to look for A or Any Other Guild Anymore. I know plenty of guilds on my Server that would be glad to have me. Many have asked but at this point I'm just not interested.

For this one Individual Player, Its Just Not Fun Anymore!


Vinny said...

While I think that your efforts are great, I do think that you could have accomplished the same thing within a guild. I am not really sure what it is that you are trying to prove by being guildless. Are you saying that you did not need any help? Sure enough, you did not run heroics alone to get your badges. Is it so much important to you that the folks you ran heroics with do not share a tabbard with you?

I see that you are bored now, you've achieved all the progression that you can without a guild. You carry a pride of that, and that is very respectable. I won't criticize that. I think the reality that you are now facing is that you can no longer progress any further without a reasonable amount of coordination of a group of people of 25 or more at a time. Unfortunately for you, this is the reality of WoW. I am assuming you were very aware of this when you started on your trek.

In real life and in game there is always a human being that you will be interfacing with. And fortunately for all of us, no two human beings are the same. I would recommend you to get yourself into a good guild, do not expect them to have the same thoughts or ideals as you, but instead learn from your differences.

Have fun, after all, it's just a game man :)

karl.w.jacobs said...

You are reaching that wall.

The problem is, what to do with it.

It really is a game of progression. Everything is progression.

What you had was 1-70 where you could progress on your own. Then the gear and talent buildup that starts at 70.

But now you've hit that wall. There is really nothing else to do for the casual for the next several months until WoLTK comes out.

Even raiders hit this slump as well.

As a casual myself, the though of 3-4 hour grinds in instances and raids makes my cringe. My heart isn't in that anymore since the groups I ran with are no more. So I'm asking the same questions.

What now?.. My pally is going ret, and my hunter is farming, but there's not much else to do. I suppose it's rep grinds for me, but you've already done that.

You could work on some alts. Perhaps that's the progression that you would like.

Or sell your account and start over... :-)

Nibuca said...
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Nibuca said...

It has always and will always boil down to: "what do you want to do?"

This is your hobby, not your job. If you're not having fun, stop. (if it was your job I'd suggest finding a new job first)

Or at least examine what's going on and identify the fun vs not-fun parts and eliminate the not-fun.

I know guild hopping isn't very fun.. but you might consider researching the guilds on your server to find one with your same ethics. Your ethics say "hardcore dedicated player" and the guild you just got out of sounded very casual.

If "defeating new content" is fun but "dealing with other people's bullshit" isn't fun.. look for a hardcore structured raiding guild.

If "building my character up to be the best I can be without raid progression" maybe level an alt.

Two posts ago it sounded like you had fun. I doubt that was faked.

and if this was some kind of elaborate April Fools "I hate myself" post. PFFFT!! Stop it!


Wulfie said...

You've hit the limits of what you can accomplish as a single player. The problem being an MMO is by definition, a multiplayer game.

I'd honestly start looking for a group that's past Karazhan. You've seen and defeated all the bosses in there at the appropriate level, and the gearing up whilst dragging clueless dolts through there is extensive and unecessary work when the badge rewards blow them out the water.

I'd start looking around for a 25-man group. The successful ones will normally offer you the kind of dedication you expect, and the good ones will have fun whilst maintaining that level of dedication.

I understand you feel burned out after that Guild, but it's no reason to give up on the raiding scene.

Vyaaren said...

The fundamental question is why do you play? What is it that gives you enjoyment?

Given you have done what you can with this character solo you have three choices in wow. Raid (you have good contact in Guild #1 and doubt you would be satisfied elsewhere), do something different for a while with Galo or roll an alt .

I have a short attention span and play with nothing like your dedication. In fact am perversely proud that I do the opposite. My guild are not min/maxers and the fact I am not exhalted with Scryers really matters for little. This game has many facets and I enjoy trying them all out. You have excelled in one (your readers have no doubt of that) maybe it's worth trying other things.

PVP is worth looking at and trying. You don't lack the cash for a respec and a change is as good as a rest. Like PUG’s it brings you into contact with many people. As an observer of the human condition it is a great place to be

Or you could pally healing or put Galo on ice and roll an alt?

Galoheart said...

If you thought it was a April Fools joke then it was a good one. But then again i've never use sarcasm much or ever in all the time i've ever blogged so could be looked at either way being unsure.

I've played one main character and to that is where all my dedication has always been obviously.

Most that reads here know I share absolutely No love of playing alt characters or not for long either.

Yes I have and have had fun doing the things i can control doing on my own. Yet i've hit my own limits or how far one person can progress while dealing with all the things one encounters dealing with others in a group and their accountability or lack their of of all kinds and i've pushed up against the wall of those limits to progress. That can be totally frustrating. In the endgame thats about almost their is to do, progression.

How does one person progress without 9 or 24 other individuals, not very much. I don't PvP that's obvious to many that reads here nor do i have any great reason to PvP.

I really don't share a great like of frequently joining or leaving guilds either. So at this point its not something I really wish to consider at this point.

So I'll just take a break from the game and things all together.