Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Though Shall Fish and Though Shall Like It!

I'm a avid Fisherman as you well know from my fishing adventures and way before Blizzard start making it more likable to those who hate to fish and disrupting my long hold monopoly on Fish prices. Oh well.

So went on one fishing trip on the quest from Old Many Barlo outside of Shattrath for the daily fishing quest. Cast 2 lines got my quest item and back to turn it in and Barlo was so nice to give me a nice Ancient Coin for enjoying what I like to do. To my amazement I looked at the value of the coin and its worth a whopping 25 Gold! at the vendor. Plus I got the gold from the quest.

That's a Insane amount of gold for a coin! I don't know of a rusty coin in the game worth that much. Yeah Love Fishing and your trying to fine a reason to love fishing still. Pull out your Fishing Rod and get you a Ancient Coin or two.


Christopher said...

Like yourself, I am an avid fisherman on the Sentinels server. I did receive a pair of silver cufflinks that were priced out at 12gold or so in addition to gold from the quest.

Looks like Blizzard is really trying to push fishing. I hope the market for Golden Fishsticks doesn't go down :)

Great Blog, try and keep up on it daily. You actually made me have my first post.

Troy said...

I picked up a Gold Wedding Band yesterday worth 15gp from my fishing sack.

Galoheart said...

Awesome, glad you took up fishing. I have a feeling it will be more valuable in the future in WotLK also.

However fishing can be fun and you just never know what your going to get. But with the Daily Fishing quest for 2.4 well you never know, what will be in that bag either. A coin or something else valuable.

HolyWarrior said...


They should really have pushed fishing earlier on, like at the start of TBC.

Why? Imagine your raid rocks up to do the Lurker Below and the RL shouts "OK, start fishing" and not one single line is cast - Ha Ha Ha!

Come on, that has got to have happened!

Eerc said...

There is also a funny fish he can give you called a Goldenscale Vendorfish. It is a grey item, plus the name gives it away as what do to with it.

That's worth about 15g as well. (Don't remember the exact amount it sold for, 15 is a close approximation)