Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WoW Update 04/29/08

So its Maintenance Day and its a series of posts to catch up on things last few days. See previous posts! Anyway I'm not almost revered with SSO, just short of 3K reps or so. Haven't done Mgt as yet. Just not many groups I've seen running regular at this point and even fewer seem to be running Heroics or asking in LFG either. Then again I haven't actively tried to find a group either for MgT. No worries!

Been kinda thinking a while my prospects of things and been guildless and such at this point. So after considering my options which would be good at finding a upper level guild on the server I decided to just shun that idea and create my own guild. Well I did set that as a new years goal afterall. I've always though of the option but just never really wanted to do it. But then again I do have a Alt with his own personal guild for a personal guildbank so I actually did have a guild of one. Buy the way that's a good thing to have, a personal Alt guildbank.

Anyway took the dive and created my own guild "Legendary Heroes" looking at it long term into I actually like the name. Yet I know been a GM is not easy either so a challenge it is all the same. However went to Silvermoon got a guild charter. Announced and paid 9 individual players 1g and a free 10 slot bag to sign the charter. Of course they were all lowbies. Who really wants to sign a guild charter these days no one but the ones that need the money. So got me a guild created. And so for much of the weekend kinda had a bit of my time tied up with the new guild a bit. So building for WotLK as well as up into 5 mans & Heroics and 10 mans if we get there and beyond great. At least it will always work on my schedule at least, enjoying the game.

So its slow going. Most high level players on my server are in a guild already of one way or the other. So we have a few low levels but that's OK while its slow going. I eventually got my lvl 20 Shaman in the guild so that's good also. Spend rest of time doing Dailies and such and some recruiting. Recruiting sucks though to say the least, yeah it does and not one the things I enjoy the most but I can endure it for now. I can recruit people in Heroics but that's when I find those individuals and takes time when I'm on a Heroics full time schedule. Running a guild is tough work to say the least. But OK for now. So really kinda been a bit busy I guess doing things or trying to do things.

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