Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Screenshots: Galo & Razorthorn

The Alchemist Lab is now unlocked on my server as of Saturday for the SSO Dailies. So we got the new quest to find some kind of roots can't remember name. But kinda cool to have a Pet.

I have a 38 Hunter somewhere lost in Tanaris who still have his Red Pet Ravager he got from Azuremyst at lvl 11. Kinda sentimental about that Pet also. However got me thinking these pets have one the coolest name to me."Razorthorn" To me that's a pretty damn good name for a Ravager. Checked the Armory and quite a few people have that name too. Wonder how many Ravager pets have it? Wouldn't it be nice if Paladins has a protector pet? Ahh too over powered I guess. Wondered though why all Ravagers don't have the "Ravage" ability as you can clearly see these pets do.

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