Monday, April 21, 2008

Protect Your Game Investment....Your Account!

I read my usual blogs just like you do. So its been a bit upsetting to read a few of my favorite bloggers and Tankadins as well have all been "HACKED" in the last few weeks. Yes that's having their WoW account "HACKED". All are pretty smart individuals with using their own accounts. I know Honor's Code and Ulushnar who play at the T5 level have both been HACKED lately also and upsetting to hear of both those individuals.

Your account is quite valuable and its your investment in dedicated time of playing character. When it hits so close to home that people you know are getting HACKED left and right every week, you have to start wondering just who might be next. Will it be someone else you know or your own account might be next. Its a shocking reality to see your account hijacked by some intruder for gold.

Can only ask that you all take protecting your game account seriously. Like SERIOUSLY! Personally I change my password multiple time a week that may be a bit paranoid considering anything else I do normally. But It would grief me if that happened to my account. I play on that PC that has three letters but I take no chances. I haven't wiped my drive clean in over a year in lite of everyone getting HACKED lately, I'll probably be wiping my hard drive clean of everything.

Please protect your Game Investment and protect your Account whatever that entails. I'm not a PC security guru so don't look here for answers just a word of CAUTION. Blizzard might just be working overtime fixing peoples HACKED account vs everyone working full time on the next expansion.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Galo - wow I just read your post after I did a similar post - If you want tips on how to protect yourself I listed 10 things.

Im not sure whats going on - two of my guildies have been hacked since 2.4. Something suspicious is up!