Thursday, April 24, 2008

WoW Jutsu Ranking My Server

That's the Horde Guild Rankings on my small but growing server. Only one #1 Guild has really completed the BT and is now in the Sunwell. Before Patch 2.4 only "A Team" had even been in the BT on my server Horde side. Guilds #2-4 were all doing SSC and TK and wasn't even in MH.

Guild #4 used to be number 3 which was the one I applied several weeks back and turned down the offer. They were halfway through SSC and TK back then. Since patch 2.4 things has changed much to a race somewhat for them all to get to the BT. Guild #6 used to be Guild #9 reformed under a different name and leadership which at one time I used to be in my first 70's guild. I left because they had a over abundance of Tanks to go my own way. Guild #10 is my old guild I recently left. I can assure you we never killed Gruul. The GM wifes Mage has some Gruul gear from raiding with another guild on the server.

Not many Guilds or people on my server has really seen BT at least before Patch 2.4 as it was only one guild that had at the time completed it. I'm currently guildless and not really looking at this point. However realistically thinking and with WotLK soon to be on the horizon what's the chances I'll ever see MH, BT let alone Sunwell with the amount of time one would have to invest? Not likely at this point with the frozen winds from the north already howling. Galo's got some decent gear, but hell he's not even lucky enough to have ever won any T4 pieces raiding let alone wearing any T4 pieces to get to T6. I have to be honest when I say, I'll never see BT or Sunwell for quite a few obvious reasons. At least for WotLK I'll be starting at lvl 70.

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