Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time Off

Just enjoying the time off from playing WoW all together. I'm just busy doing a lot of RL important stuff I haven't being able to focus on doing.

Its a good thing to have all the down time away doing other things and getting other things done compared to when playing the game. Good to be on Hiatus away from the game. I've been able to sleep more and relax as well since i'm not busy playing and realize just how tired I used to be from playing. Its good to be doing other things I need to get done for a change and be able to relax as well as get more sleep these days. Feels good to be on Hiatus.


flatrabbit said...

Glad you're enjoying the time off. I recently switched over to a Mage to kind of cool off of tanking and now I'm feeling that burn out there too, it may be time for a hiatus for me also.

Alex - aka Firelight said...

Enjoy your break!

Just chill-ax and come back energised!! If no - dont worry. Its just a game! :)

Perhaps when Wrath comes out you'll have a new-found-energy.

It seemed you loved leveling!

Anonymous said...

Hey :) Been a while...and after my own hiatus I'm back. The time off really does help. Though, I came back a different way. I'm not raiding and I'm just taking it easy. Very stress-free. I don't play every night but when I do, it's always with the people I care about. Good times have found me. Take your time to check RL has a lot to offer. I haven't given up on it. I still workout and take my dog running, hang out with friends, etc.

As I say...the game isn't going anywhere if you want to come back. That's the beauty of it. Come back to your old character or start over fresh.

Hope you're having a good day...the sun was bright and it was very warm!