Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie: WotLK Beta Blood DeathKnight


I remember doing those quest as a Pally wasn't that easy. DeathKnights are smoking hot do look real awesome in play or pretty Epic after all if you have being reading the WotLK DK Beta Forum like I have. DK are pretty good at AoE grinding too and put out some pretty awesome DPS. Thats a Blood Spec DK in action.

Anyway that DK chick in the Video name is "Jayde" played by a guy. He is also a Blogger and has being playing a DeathKnight since the very start of WotLK Alpha. Seems so far to be one the highest DeathKnights in Beta. He's also very active on the WotLK Beta forum with feedback and seem to be very knowledgeable of the DK class so far.

Anyway he runs a Blog which and since we all read blogs probably be the first DeathKnight Blog on my read list for good source of Info Blog wise. So far he keeps it updated regularly and with Beta Video's which are always cool. Might want to put it on your blog list. His Blog is: World of Feedback

Man I can't wait to have my own DK and you can't tell me with a straight face you don't want to play one too.

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