Friday, July 18, 2008

Possible WotLK Paladin Talent Calculator

WoWhead has a talent Calculator that could quite possibly be what will be the Paladin Talent tree. Not offically but it looks close for now. Honestly it really still looks bloated with talents for Protection Paladins. You can find it and use it HERE.

Start figuring out your new Talents! Best I can come up with is 5/56/10 at this point. WTB less bloated tree and more talent points!

Edited: Changed to WoWhead Calculator

Update 07/20/08
That build could quite possibly change as it seems in WotLK Protec Paladins will be benefiting both from AP as well as SP (Spell Power). Strenght it seems as a stat may be playing a role in Blocking as a desirable stat based on feedback on the Beta Forums. That could very well change talent makeup. But damn tree is too bloated and need more talent points.

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Dorgol said...

The Holy tree has some bloat to it as well. Right now for my PvP healing spec I'm spending 62 points in Holy...

I need to trim it down a bit.