Friday, July 18, 2008

WotLK Beta: Got Your Death Knight Name Figured Yet?

With all the WotLK Beta and Death Knight (DK) news seem Beta will soon be knocking on some random folks door. Still checking both my account emails, hope you do as well. I know for absolute certain I will roll a Death Knight and make him my 3rd 70. Will use him as a Tank of course because I'm good at it. I like the idea of being a Dark Knight and its a new class to learn and have fun with along side my Protecion Paladin because I'm good at the tactics of tanking.

I've started wondering just what I'm gona name my own ne lvl 55 Death Knight "If" I'm so lucky to get a Beta Invite that it seems some have already gotten. For me I know I really spend allot of time really thinking about my own characters name, may not be that important to you and maybe it is also. But I think about my character names seriously, I give it some thought at least. Kinda funny when you see someone with a name: Critcritcrit or Ipwngnomes. It took me over and hour when I first created Galoheart my Paladin as a name and that name is still very unique to this very day in the WoWArmory. All my Alts have very unique names that I've thought of and did some research to come up with a name I like.

So I guess I'm going to have to have to start figuring out a unique name for my soon to be Death Knight especially If I get a Beta Invite and not have wonder steering at the DK screen what to name him. Of course my DK will be a Elf of course and a Dark Elf suits me just fine. I guess I'll be looking deep in dark mythology to fine me a name or one I can bend to my taste. You have yours figured out yet?

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Honors Code said...

I've got my named all picked out


Neverplay is already the name of my level 1 Warlock.