Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poll Closed, The Numbers Are In

Had a Poll up for a few days on leveling one last Alt character before WotLK gets here if I can live through leveling one. So asked the readers to vote on which of my character they think I should level. As the Poll has ended it was pretty stiff competition between leveling a Druid or the Shaman both of which I do live in some way. And the highest votes were:

Which Would You Level?

Lvl 21 Druid - Gorias: 70 (32%)

Lvl 21 Shaman - Voodoolion: 68 (31%)

Pretty close numbers. So why so close a race between leveling a Druid or a Shaman?

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The Distracting Shot said...

I love my druid. The on the fly changes in gameplay and ability to adapt to every encounter is amazing. You dont strike me though as a person that would respec every week like I do. I just love my druid in all his forms. Shamans are just as versitle and so powerful. I dont like to say OP because everyone has their weaknesses but man elemental shamans hurt.