Monday, July 7, 2008

What Do I do When Not Raiding

Gothyelk over at the Stoic Guardian who also plays a Tankadin and one my favorite blogs ask, what do you do when your not raiding? I think its a more light hearted topic as well that plays into what you do in your down time.

As you all know and fully aware I only have 1 lvl 70 for the vast amount of time I've been at lvl 70 which is 11 months now and ticking. You think in that time I be further along in progression, well raiding aren't a one man show. I was never fond of playing Alts or leveling alts when bored though I'm now leveling one or two...trying that is. That leaves me with things I enjoy doing for fun and just whatever I enjoy doing with Galo that's not Raiding or Instance related. Currently leveling one Alt so that takes up some my time at the moment.

By Trade Galo is a Alchemist and Herbalist and have max skill in everything since first stepping foot into Outland. Galo is pretty much business oriented in game. I'm never broke! I run my time somewhat like a business in my off time. Unless I'm doing something at the Bank in Shatt I'm hardly sitting idle there. Galo also doesn't ever sell anything on AH ever, all that is done by my 2 AH Bankers, yes I have 2 full time AH Bankers.

So often I'm Out making the rounds around Outland in various routes depending on what my needs are to acquire herbs for Alchemy to make Elixirs & Flasks. I crisscross zones herbing for herbs, some herbs more than others. While herbing I'm a opportunist to solo some Elite I see just for Fun and Kicks and test skills. I grind here and there but not ever full time really. But will if I feel like it for fun as I can make a art form out of grinding when I feel the need to for whatever reason. However whats fun for me may not be fun for you!

Allot of time I enjoy fishing in the Highland Pools or in whatever zone for me its relaxing when just not having the stress of tanking. I find most people hate fishing and that's the exact reason I enjoy it. Because less people do it so that makes it even more profitable for me on AH to do as and activity so I do that sometimes. I like to explore zones or do various quests just for fun, but not always. But overall I tend to spend my time farming mats for whatever I need to run my business machine, Alchemy and whatever else on AH. As a Tank I use quite a variety of potions so I need pots and elixirs to use myself. But great majority of what I gather I use to make Flasks or Elixirs since I'm Elixir Mastery. I very rarely do anything Transmutes and quite frankly I cant remember to do it anyway.

When I'm logged in as one of my 2 AH non leveling Bankers I spend quite a bit of time at AH selling anything that Galo collected around Outland or from Alchemy making. My Alts sell everything on AH. So needless to say I spend a bit of time on them selling and at times selling off stuff in both their guild banks. Between my 2 Alt Bankers with 2 different personal guilds I have 9 Guild Bank Tabs of my own that I bought with my own funds at over 10K all together. If you ask me that's a full time job selling stuff. When the AH market is good I sell. When its depressing I hold stuff. I never oversupply the AH market. I sell when the market is in my favor for profitability. So at times I'm playing AH. I spend some time looking for valuable stuff selling what I think may be below market price and I resell. Profit mean less questing, dailies or grinding for a good cushion of funds and its just fun to do. I don't always enjoy playing Alts, but profiting on AH is more fun to me playing that Alts. So I do that. I rarely do dailies except the one fishing quest for dailies. Whenever I'm doing anything I'm also gathering herbs always.

So those are various things I do in my down time and why I do them when not raiding or Instancing. I do whatever I enjoy doing in WoW for whatever the reasons. As a Tank i don't always feel the need to just be Tanking a Instance here there and everywhere like I'm robot. So I just spend time using my professions and doing things I enjoy to make money. Overall I enjoy being a Tankadin even when I'm not tanking. Just because I'm a Tank don't mean I spend All my valuable time Tanking for someone else at their every beck and call. A tank need his own time too when they are logged in to do whatever they enjoy doing. We play WoW for Fun, not to feel like being at Work!


Gothyelk said...

Cool, thanks for the insight into what you do. I have really been struggling with this recently (more than my own post expressed). You hit it on the head really - as a tank I don't want to be tanking this or that instance whenever I am logged on. Tank burnout is a real thing.

I'm a miner and blacksmith. I enjoy playing with my professions and so I may spend some time on that.

And gold is always a good thing. :)

Hudson said...

Nice post. I always wish I had rolled a pally tank instead of a warrior

Galoheart said...

Sometimes I wish I was a Warrior :)