Monday, July 14, 2008

Screenshot: MY Hunter Dinging 70

My BM Hunter Krovon & Razortalon Dinging 70 in SMV just outside Horde Camp doing a collection quest. It's always fun to try and capture the screenshot right as it happens. Runs Back to Camp to get Flying Mount.

Razortalon - Raven. Tank. He AoE aren't that great. Love screech!
Razorclaw - Owl. DPS pet. He AoE too. Imagine that.
Razorthorn - Ravager. DPS pet. My other Wicked pet.

Krovon paid for his own Flying Skills. Galo Private Investment Banker Alt lent him the dough to get a Green Epic Flying Mount. So he now owes my Alt Banker loan repayment plus interest. Better get to work lad to start repaying that loan off and replace that Bandit outfit while your at it too pronto! No Welfare here.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the second 70! And I always love seeing other hunters running amok with an owl; my huntress has been with hers almost exclusively (there was a short stint when she was considering using a crab as a tank) for over two years now.

When/if you grab Screech, you'll have much love for Razorclaw. It's quite honestly the best AoE tank ability for pets, hands down. I even use it in Hyjal raids when the Protection paladin is handling all of those mobs; as long as the tank's not complaining about the wingspan, the cantankerous beast does his job.

Gothyelk said...

LOL - Grats! I love playing my hunter.

Anonymous said...

Grats! I find it kinda ironic that you ding a level 70 hunter within a day I dinged my 70 hunter :D


Nibuca said...


Val said...

Gratz on your second 70! It's always great to have something to switch off to and still have lots of parties and PUGs and PvP battlegrounds available.

So, what's next? :)

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