Sunday, July 27, 2008

Screenshots from ZA: DragonHawk Boss Down!

This would be another "Guild First" for out Guild Alamat! The team really did well so we are now 3/6 in Zul'Aman. Always good to be in there on All the progression kills. I Tanked all the Eagle adds on Jan'alai the DragonHawk Boss our Feral Aero Tanked the Boss. Our Feral Tank Aero went down just below 10% somewhere and I got to finish up the Boss. A TEAM effort in my book all the same for our Guild. Really a fun Boss fight though. Then we decided to go peak and see who was next, so we made it over to Halazzi the Lynx Boss area.

Will write up the rest later officially and I even got Phat Loot! This is just screenshots because I like pictures.

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The Distracting Shot said...

ive killed that boss 2times a week for about a month and still no shield. GRATS!!!