Thursday, July 17, 2008

Perspective of Gearing My Alt Hunter

Was working on this after I hit 70 on my Hunter a few days ago, but was just kinda beat after working the weekend and then trying to lvl my Hunter on Monday morning after working all night. After getting to 70 I went to bed and sleep all the way to Tuesday. Turns out I missed a entire day as well. I think I was really beat! Then on Tuesday after work spent all night in Shatt trying to find some Enchants for my Hunters gear. Was hard trying to find a enchanter for 2H Weapon Major Agility which I never did but eventually did yesterday.

On my way to 70 was able to start picking up a few things. From 65-70 Hunter pretty much had somewhat decent gear. It was entirely "Of the Bandit Gear" which I had sitting in my Alt Bank. I had read a post way way back that BRK did for WoWInsider last year that I had it bookmarked for some reason in a folder I had on my Desktop of all kinds of stuff I bookmark for later reference. So I re-read it and just went through the list of stuff i could easily pickup. That also allowed me to research other things as well from the reference list. Then I say BRK had a related post a few days ago and though it was Ironic as well.

My Hunter by craft is a Skinner and Miner, a gather for short and like both craft. So can't make much use of having LW to craft any nice Epic pieces that some LW can do right off the bat. So on the way to 70 on my Hunter was able to check AH and pickup the Crystalforged War Axe for about 45g a good deal on my AH. Picked up a Felstalker Bracer for about 40g or so which seemed cheap given the out of space price of Primal Air on my server and to craft one as well in mats. The two other piece of Felstalker Armor Set the Chest and the Belt I pretty much had most the mats since my Hunter does skinning and had lots of mats. Only thing I needed was Primal Air. I didn't feel like going out to farm any. So I coughed a bit and bought about 12 Primal Air on AH at around 31g a pop. Then had a guild LW craft the other Felstalker Belt and Felstalker Chest piece which gave me the three piece bonus for Hit Rating and is a really nice Blue set.

Getting to 70 was already Honored with Thrallmar, so was able to pick up the rep piece the Stalker's Chain Guantlets. From CE since was Honored was able to get the Stalker's Chain Leggings right away as well. Was already revered with The Mag'har in Negrand so was able to get the Talbuk Hide Spaulders. Since I did more end leveling in Netherstorm had already done a easy quest that gave me some nice green boots Duro Footgear. Turned out Hunters mail boots are hard to find and the greens were pretty good already though can still pick up another pair questing in SMV on a long chain quest somewhat similiar. However I know a nice pair of Mail Boots for Hunters drop in Heroic Botanica on the last boss, hell when I'm tanking it drops more time than I can count, so should be easily obtainable. I had a Valano's Longbow sitting in the bank some time now so was able to equip that. Rest of gear was just stuff from Blue quest rewards leveling to 70. I still had 2 lvl 68 Rings of the Bandit with decent stats equipped.

Was able to get some raw gems cut and got the gems to completely gems every gems slot of the Felstalker set which gave some pretty decent stats. I picked up a Armor Kit in AH for the leggings at not too bad a price and slapped that on. I had some Arcane dust sitting around so was able to get some AP enchants for Gloves and Bracers. Got some enchants for the shoulders as well. Got the Crystalforged War Axe Enchanted and got a Adamantite Scope for the new Bow. When it was all done had every piece of blue completely gemmed and every piece of gear enchanted with exception the the Helm which requires CE Revered to obtain not too hard to do.

Its just Blue gear with a few green pieces and had it all hooked up within a few hours of getting to 70. It looked pretty decent. So I was in Org and Shatt since I was back and forth to AH and started looking at other Hunters gear to see how do I fare just being a new 70 as well as seeing if I see something I can easily obtain as well. I was completely shocked I what I saw with some Hunters and their gear. Now they were some Hunters with really Impressive gear and gave me some ideas looking at the gear and pieces. Most of what I saw just about everything was PvP gear mostly. But I saw lvl 70's wearing Merciless and Gladiator gear and still had on lvl 50+ greens. While the Epic piece looked nice it was a bit soured seeing several green gear next to it.

Saw one Hunters still had on SM gear, which was really unbelivable standing at the mailbox with Epic PvP gear on as well. Almost wished I could say something to ask the person a question but I didn't. Saw some (Not All) Hunters with 2-3 pieces of Arena season gear of some sort with absolutely no gems, no enchants and then along side with that low level 60's gear. I was a bit shocked to say the least. Because here I was a brand new 70 not even 2hrs old and I had already switched up to mostly decent Blues and had my gear almost fully enchanted up and gemmed up already. Some Hunters that I saw had various season gear and barely done much to it. So I was quite amazed to say the least and shocked in some ways. I can only imagine these are some of the players that show up in PuGs of all sort including mine when I'm tanking a run.

Now I know with Hunters it mostly Skill in how you play the class and I learn that well leveling a Hunter. I learn they can do really Amazing DPS played well. But it was amazing to see how some Hunters don't seem to take some sense of pride in the gear they wear or lack of effort to get better gear which don't take that much effort. Call it laziness or whatever. But If a Tank shows up in a 5 man or Heroics in crappy gear or don't take some sense of pride in their gear its not going to go well or with the group at hand. So I started to see how my brand new hunter gear matches up with some my guild Hunters which we do have allot also. He looks decent compared to many the guild Hunters in similar gear.

Overall It seems my Hunter looks very decent, even just in blue compared to many that even with several pieces of Arena, BG's or other gear pieces. I would say my Hunter has good enough gear that he can go right into Kara and do fine. But Kara is not really big on my list for my Hunter, so will have fun doing 5 man Instance for fun. Then after I got a bit upset, because I remember how long it took me as a Tank to assemble a decent set of Blues to Tank Instances, Heroics and preparing to Tank Kara when I was doing that which was all locked inside a Instance. A decently geared Hunter and one with good skill and waltz into Kara just about.

I didn't find gearing up my Hunter that hard or in Blues. Pretty damn easy by far compared to gearing up as a Tank. So for now my little Hunter is working on SSO and Skyguard dailies a bit.

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Val said...

Yes, gearing up a DPS of any sort for Heroics and Karazhan etc is a joke compared to gearing up a Tank.

A Healer is slightly harder, I guess, than DPS, because of that whole Tank-and-Healer-being-good dynamic that can carry parties pretty far.

Especially with the PvP pieces out these days that can get you over 7k health unbuffed without much effort... but I'm sure you've seen those DPS in Heroics on your tank, who do such crappy DPS you wish you could replace them - same side of the same coin ;)

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