Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Would I Do IF I Got A Beta Key!

I would like to get in just as much as you want to. I know you check your mail box just to make sure it didn't sneak in unannounced at some point during the day. As of yet Blizzard dosen't like Ardent Defender enough to send me one.

But honestly what would I do if the Blessing of Silvermoon be grated upon little old me that I be so fortunate to get a WotLK Beta Key. What would I do if I got that invite?

I Would Give Away The Beta Key!

There are some very solid players of my class that would love to get into Beta to contribute to our class change and developement. I would probably give it to any one of them if they didnt as yet have a Key. As much as I'm excited about Beta I honestly just won't have the time to play around doing Beta Testing.

Having now said that, Blizzard would think it now funny to now send me a WotLK Beta Key.

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