Sunday, June 7, 2009

Argent Tournament Complete

So I'm now completely Exalted in the Argent Tournament and Exalted Champion of representing all the horde faction cities. I'm relieved because I'm tired  of doing them. I felt like I was living in Icecrown last few weeks whenever I first log on. They were the very first thing I did. I've barely done any thing else much in that time.

Yeah Crusader Galoheart. The only thing I really wanted was Crusader because its sounds so Paladin like.  Didn't care for much else. But I'll take the Ambassador title as well since i earned it in the process. The things you do for a title. I'm glad whenever I log in, my first thought will no longer be to go finish up the Argent Tournament grind. 

I earned about 105 or so seals doing the Tournament. I have no idea what I will do with them. I'll just sit on them till Blizz complete construction of the Argent Tournament grounds and add new stuff to the vendors. Will see then if anything be nice to buy then.

I should of been done with this over a week ago. But really..... some days I just didn't feel like doing it, especially after the recent guild break up when didn't feel like doing much either. But you do make quite a bit of money doing the Argent Tournament & dailies. As well all the mining got to do just rolling around Icecrown doing the dailies. But the new title is cool. I'm just wondering if Blizz new Argent Tournament based instance will be done on jousting mounts?


Steven said...

Grats on the "Crusader" title!
It is a fun one.

I have it on my hunter, I think my Pally will just have to be satified with "Argent Champion"

Once I finish grinding out 160 more tokens for pets I don't think I'll be wanting to go throught that all again...

"Crusader" Skarlarth and Co.

Leiandra said...

Gratz. I need to finish this up. Just haven't gotten around to it lately.

Galoheart said...

@ Steven. Yeah its a long grind. Can't imagine doing it on more than one characters. Tough and long that is.