Monday, June 29, 2009

WoW Update 06/29/09

Not much to talk about. For the most part just playing and leveling my Shaman Voodooweaver who's now at lvl 34 and somewhere in Arathi Highlands. Leveling him as a Enhancement Shaman which seems fun as well.

The 10% leveling bonus with the Heirloom shoulders and the 10% XP from the Ribbon Dance at the Fire Festival have been nice. Hard not to take advantage of that.

Playing and a Shaman seem to be very cool. Just taking advantage of the extra XP bonus with the Fire Festival in swing. So haven't played my Paladin in that time as well. But I notice when playing the Shaman I do try to pull more than one mob like a Paladin for fun and see if i can get away with it and so far so good. Be more fun wearing full mail than in leather right now doing that.

Totems are fun though! Moving around killing mobs and having to keep dropping Totems are not though. So its been fun learning how and where to place totems around a bunch of mobs so don't have to keep dropping of recalling totems. Be more fun after 3.2 I guess when can get to drop the necessary totems all at once. But enjoying the versatile play style of the Shaman so far. At least I get to melee stuff which seems cool as well.


Steven said...

Yes totems can be a bit of a pain to those of us used to "fire and forget" Blessings and Auras ;)

Until 3.2, I would suggest a macro, you still need to press the button 4 times and use 4 GCD's but at least it is the same button...

Katixia and Co.
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Ardent Defender said...

I'm looking fwd to the new Totem drop mechanic in 3.2.

I haven't made a macro as yet for the Totems but its a great idea for the time being as well. I'm still learning to figure out which totems to drop and when. But its fun!