Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Paladin Only Argent Charger Mount

That is full of WIN coming in Patch 3.2 from the new Argent Tournament Rewards and more. And the forums will probably erupt is massive QQ. I haven't been over there to check. I'm staying away for my own sanity.

So GC finally going to deliver us Paladins the pony. 

Hey GC why the pala get to get a pony and we non-pala cant get one. Why they so special. Not fair. QQ more. 

Hey as long as Blizz (Blizzard) makes my new Pony looks really cool and armoured well I'm happy. I personally don't collect mounts, not my thing. The one land mount I use 110% of the time is my Charger. And I can use a upgrade. So thanks Blizz

And can I get it with a big red bow on it too. Probably too much to ask before another nerf or something.

Damn it just when I though I was all done with the Argent Tournament I'm going to have to go back and work (slave) for the Pony I'm sure knowing Blizzard all too well. Well at least I'm already Exalted with the Argent Tournament and have the Crusader title already so a head start at least as well with the new dailies. 

Makes me feel that putting in the effort to get Exalted wasn't a complete waste and at least going to count toward something. In this case something new. I guess time to start earning more Champion Seals for new stuff.

So if you been slacking on the Argent Tournament you been put on notice. Get cracking now for a head start if you haven't started yet.

Update 06/17/09. *New Chest Heirloom coming in 3.2 with 10% XP bonus. Does Stack with other Heirlooms for XP.


Keiya said...

Ooh hey I totally missed this! I was going to blow all of my badges on trivial items the other day too; Glad that I didn't.

...I wonder what the mount will look like.

Ninjasuperspy said...

Heirloom chest that stacks with shoulders? Dang man, time to work up that rogue I've always wanted.

Galoheart said...

Yes the new Heirloom Chest pieces "will" stack with the Heirloom Shoulders.

What's unknow as yet is what you can purchase them with.

Probably guess. Emblem of Heorism or Stone Shards possibly, would make sense the other Heirlooms can be purchased with same. As well possibly with Champion Seals maybe from the Argent Tournament maybe. Will know in a few days maybe.

Might be a summer of Alts Alts and more Alts.

Steven said...


Just a few days ago I told you "My pally doesn't need "Crusader" he can live with "Argent Champion""

Well this changes everything! Time to re-prioritize the alts!

Skar and Co.