Monday, June 15, 2009

Screenshots: Reincarnation

So a new alt for a change despite my hate of alts and some Shammy love weaving some voodoo for a change with Voodooweaver my Orc Shaman. I've being thinking about playing around with the idea of a Shammy or a Druid as the only two options of class to play. I guess i'm really a hybrid at hearth it seems embracing my hybrid nature.

For the last few days I been thinking of things and keep reminding myself. Remember just why you are playing WoW. Not to Tank, Not to Raid, Not to Socialize, Not for Epics, Not for Progression. Im simply play the game for Fun because RL is frustrating enough and you need a break from time to time to relax and just have fun doing something FUN. 

So in my spare time I'll be on with the voodoo on that really long road to leveling him up. I gave him a pair of Heirloom shoulders for the journey and a new UI (Spartan UI) to play around with. Uhh did I ever tell you leveling sucks though! He has no profession as yet. But maybe a Enchanter and something else non complicated for a profession but economically sustaining. 

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Steven said...

Welcome to the nether regions of your soul!

Actually, being a father of 3 kids (1,5,6) that has been my theory all along, "Play for fun".
Sure, I ended up inheriting my guild, which I "run" from a very high level, G*d bless my officers!

But I enjoy the game, it is a nice stresss relief. It is nice to log on for 2-3 hours after the kids are asleep, check something off a virtual checklist and call it a night. Of course it is that theory that has led me to have multiple toons on multiple servers. Medivh is home (with 2 80's and 5 others at 70+).

Personally, I think you have hit on the right note. Play to have fun that way it doesn't matter if you even log on at all.

Kep up the good work, love the blog!

Skarlarth and Co.