Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Think for Your Self Between the Lines.

Remember that screenshot? Maybe, maybe not. I take a ton of screenshots of anything interesting in game or often to remember things that happen to look at it later so I can remember what I need to write something about later. That screenshot was taken in WotLK Beta back while I had a Beta invite to test out the game before WotLK was released. That picture captioned the post I had dated October 27th 2008. It was about me changing profession from Alchemy to Mining switching professions with my Hunter. I was thinking Ahead!

One the blogs I like to read allot is the Greedy Goblin. Some people love Galvon, other people seem to despise him. We all like different things. But there is allot of sense in what Galvon does whether you like him or not. And I'm going to agree with the latest sentiment of his latest post about giving and taking advice.

I subscribe to this school of thought: You decide, you make up your own mind in what you decide to do whatever that may be. But learn to think for your self in whatever you choose to do or not do. Whatever you hear of whatever is said, you decide. Take from it what you want and leave the rest for another day or someone else. Just like the grocery store effect. Take what you need, leave the rest on the shelf.

Hey nothing flashy there, just some simple thoughts.

I usually don't give allot of advice. Maybe! Often I write about what I see, am doing or have done or maybe what I think of things. I write about what happens in my experience and its effects or other. But you know you can learn allot in between the lines from other people experience  or of things I post that adds to your own thought on things in game as well. You ultimately decide whatever you choose to do. But think before you do as it pertains to you and your situation.

Now back to the screenshot up top. You know exactly what location that zone is. You know what that node is as well in the screenshot. I was having fun in WotLK Beta learning what I could for the blog as well as learning things of interest for later when the game was released. 

What I learned when I took that screenshot way back before WotLK was released was that mining Saronite was going to make you a killing when the game was released if you were among the first to get to 80 AND among the first to farm the place dry of precious Ore. In that screenshot it showed Scholazar Basin as the place. Finding Titanium was rare I learned that back thenas well. And if you had plenty of farmed Ore at the beginning of WotLK you would have make a killing on AH. 

You wonder why I was changing profession back then? It wasn't just for the Mining Stamina buff. There are 2 games I play in WoW. I play WoW and I play the AH mini-game. And I like playing the AH! 

I knew I could of made it even richer than Rich playing the AH farming Northrend dry of precious Ore during the launching of WotLK as everyone was leveling up and preparing for raiding. My plan was simply to lvl up enough to get flying mount and farm the place dry of precious Ore. I'm good at doing that when I was a Herbalist. And while everyone was worrying about the latest dungeon and preparing for Naxx back then I was going to be all too busy making money farming out the places that had them.

Too bad I quit playing WoW just before WotLK officially launched and took several month break. Now if you saw that screenshot and didn't make it Rich at the start of WotLK during the gold rush..... shame on you for not getting the hint. You were not prepared and missed the boat.

Patch 3.1 was recently and dual spec landed. I hinted a few times before about leveling up my DK just enough to level up Inscription. I can really care less about Inscription overall. What I care about is cornering my end of the Glyph market. Like I said I play the AH mini game. When Patch 3.1 landed I was prepared enough to make me just about a cool 3k gold on the AH having my 65 DK parked in Orgrimmar selling tons of Glyphs at the AH. For that I was prepared.

The WoW Economy has changed much since WotLK launched many moons ago. RL Economy sucks even more. Things change in time. But there are still places to make money. Every server is different. It will be different for someone else to your own server. But find out how Your server works and what drives it and when. 

Always think for your self and often read in between the lines wherever you get advice from. 

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