Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thinking About Patch 3.2 Profession Changes

Rather than send you on a link quest just rather post it since its not too long a list especially since you just may not keep up with reading WoW news daily everywhere.

When the next major content patch launches we will be introducing epic quality gems and updating the perks for each profession. Please keep in mind that any of this information may see further changes before the patch launches.

The design recipes for cutting epic gems will be made available for purchase with Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens and there are several ways to obtain raw epic gems:

    * Prospecting Titanium Ore
    * Alchemy transmutations
    * Purchased with Honor
    * Purchased with Emblems of Heroism

Coinciding with the implementation of epic gems and the gain that Blacksmiths will receive through their perk from these new gems, we have gone through all of the perks in every profession and increased their values to match up accordingly.

    * The Mixology benefits from Northrend elixirs and flasks have been increased
    * Added a new pattern for Flask of the North, usable by players with a high alchemy skill. The recipe is purchased from the honor potion vendor. The Flask of the North increases your spell power, attack power, or Strength for 1 hour, and is usable in arenas. It is not consumed when used.
    * Endless Healing Potion and Endless Mana Potion no longer usable in arenas. Amount of health and mana has been increased, and the cooldown reduced. They are still usable everywhere else.

    * No changes will be made to this profession; it will continue to have the 2 additional prismatic sockets (which can hold the new epic gems)

    * Values on Northrend ring enchants increased

    * Increased benefits from Hyperspeed Accelerators, Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket, and Reticulated Armor Webbing glove modifications

    * Increased healing from Lifeblood (Rank 6)
    * Lifeblood now scales slightly with maximum health
    * Lifeblood no longer affected by global cooldown

    * Master's Inscriptions increased

    * Dragon's Eye gems stat bonuses increased

    * Fur Lining values increased

    * Toughness (Rank 6) provides more Stamina

    * Master of Anatomy (Rank 6) provides more critical strike rating

    * Embroideries improved

I'm for one glad that all Professions are getting some much needed love as far as patches goes. Be nice as Blizzard makes changes to class that they could at least keep professions fresh with changes here and there as well to keep them fun. Of course everyone will never be happy but better than no change at all.

First of all being the Alchemist Tank that I am I'm glad Alchemy is getting some love with increase effects on Mixology and with Alchemist only Flask for raids. That's really cool. Still wondering when Alchemy will get some Epic Trinkets for WotLK but that's another story for another day. And as a miner  with Mining I'm glad mining is getting a Stamina buff increase with Toughness. So thumbs up for all Tanks of all stripes for a stamina increase as well. Kudo's to you if your not a tank, more stamina will be good for you anyway as well.

Opportunity Knocks!
First of all whatever you do use your own judgement and your own analysis.
With changes like these coming in the new patch all these things will have a impact on AH and transfer of money either from your wallet to someone else or from theirs to yours. Pick your side. 

If your a JC and been slacking you might want to start building up a stack of Dalaran JC tokens from dailies or wherever else so on patch day you have can be among the first on your server to get the new recipes and craft the new Epic Gems and hold the AH hostage to your astronomical pricing on gems. A little humor but the point is for you their is money to be made by all those people who have stash of cash and must have their gear pimped out with the new bling bling for their Ulduar raids. Of course use your own judgement on how, what you sell and for how much or how little. Start saving up JC tokens now or miss the boat on profit!

I'm going to guess its going to be mighty hard to find Titanium Ore on AH for any good reason except at now astronomical prices. Titanium Ore just became even more valuable for Epic Gem prospecting for the new bling bling gems. That mean for your if your a Miner there is new opportunity in farming Titanium wherever you think you can find it or in your secret places if you can find the node before that farmer guy or bot beat you to it. Titanium Ore prices will be high. That as well mean anything crafted with Titanium may inflate as well for crafting and AH prices. Just a hunch. 

As well if your sitting on a bank full of Titanium Ore opportunity is in your favor to make high profit timing the AH market. If your sitting on Titansteel I'm more than sure the price of that just went through the roof. If I remember I'm sitting on at least a stacks of Titansteel i made and had sitting around in my bank gathering dust for some unknown reason Ulduar crafted gear? Will sell for profit! I'm most certainly will have my alchemy cooldown for the new gem transmutation on cooldown to make any gem if I can that's deemed profitable. Profiting is going to be good! That is FUN!

Of course since Epic Gems will also be purchasable with Emblems of Heroism that mean more people will probably running Naxx 10 man farming Emblems. As well running more Heroics than usual farming Emblems as well. So I'm sure you be seeing a lot of LFM for Heroic X need Tank and Healer. DPS too. Will be busy time for umm PuGs. You probably be getting asked allot as a Tank to tank a lot of instance farming for Emblems.

Figure out for yourself how you will capitalize on changes in 3.2 with your professions or your own cunning wits. 

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