Thursday, June 11, 2009

State of Things: Feeling of General Boredom

I don't know if I'm bored, but it feels like it might just be so! That's just my honest feelings these days playing the game. This has no reflection on you playing the game for your enjoyment or why you play. This is a reflection of how the game is feeling to me in how I play the game for my enjoyment.

The state of things is that it feels uncertain for me in game. I feel bored in some general way at least that's what I'm thinking as well often when I'm doing things. I haven't had any goals for a while and have never bothered making any since my last break from the game. In some ways I feel like I'm just drifting through the game as well. I feel like I'm just repeating things over and over and the fun cycle of thing wane every so quickly.

State of my Paladin
When it comes to raiding. Its a hit and miss for me often due to my erratic work schedule. I work a full time constantly changing shift work schedule that's consistent in how it changes because I know what it will always be. But its not real conducive to consistent raiding schedule as we usually know it. So i raid when I can. More than often I just choose to PuG it for the adventure of it all because otherwise I probably wont see that raid that week at times sometime.

Though I'm in a guild that seems like a really good guild its a fairly large guild in my opinion at 200+. Some degree of those members are alts. The guild does seem pleasant in its members in how they act. I don't do much talking in guild chat generally. I just go about my business doing whatever I'm doing in game for the most part. Though my new guild runs endgame content doing Ulduar 10 and starting to do 25 man Ulduar. For the most part many seems to be gearing up in Naxx 25 and many people seem to be gearing up their other 80 alt as well. Its obvious often from the logging in and out of members that are 80 for whatever the instance or raid is. I only have 1 lvl 80, its the one I play all the time.

I consider my new guild a good quality guild if I can say so by its general ambiance and mood. Its laid back as well. Yet I don't feel much at home there really. Its possible I'm affected still over my last guild breaking up as well. I'm not generally fond of large guilds in general. I have the feeling that my stay there will be limited maybe. That is just my general feeling of things. Though I've always enjoyed playing my Paladin and have fun dual spec as Ret when I feel like, I'm getting bored at the same time as well at the end of the game.  

Heroics and Me
Haven't really run much Heroics on my new realm. Thus my outside of guild friends are quite low which i usually make running Heroics. But to be honest as much as i usually enjoy Heroics it just don't feel as fun anymore. Its not like in TBC where you can chase gear upgrades with Badges. Whether I like the Heroic or not, I just feel bored with it all these days. Most the people are just gearing up their many other alts. 

Few geared people I've noticed that even run Heroics for the fun of it anymore it seems. And once geared via raiding not many seem to even bother with them other than the one Daily Heroic. As well finding healers on my new Realm seem like a impossible task asking away in Trade or LFG channel. Even with many server transfers on my Realm as well. If they are healers around they don't answer for whatever reasons. PuGs???? 

I just run Heroics for fun and to stay sharp, but even that thrill feels like its has waned quite a bit these days. I can buy Heirlooms with the badges or gems. What else is there really to buy really, not much else. So at times I can find myself in Dalaran hearing people asking for a Tank for Heroic X and don't feel like answering either. Not worth the time investment anymore it seems. Nor to chase after with the badges as well like in TBC with badges. Loosing the thrill maybe. 

Playing Alts
It has always been my general feeling that leveling alts suck! Maybe not for you, but for me it is just that. I just don't have a general liking to leveling alts, thus only 1 lvl 80. Leveling another character has never been fun for me. Its another reason why I'm dedicated to my main as well for far so long. Leveling through old content does nothing for me. For me its boring. I've already done the exact same quests before so its not fun to do it again. So I've just never liked playing alts generally.

But long ago i did a personal project to attempt to lvl every class to lvl 20. I did on most class all except a Warrior I quit on at lvl 14 and a Mage I quit on at lvl 10. A lvl 14 Warlock I stopped playing and found more fun to just park him at the AH and make money doing AH business. All others I made to lvl 20 and stopped playing them.

My lvl 70 Hunter my second highest lvl character I've barely played since WotLK release. I used to find him fun to play just relaxing from taking a beating tanking. He lives in Outland. I usually just log on for less that 5 mins fly around picking herbs to supply my Dk for glyphs making and then log off. Dunno but just not finding it fun to play the Hunter. 

My other alt 65 DK who I don't find fun to play either or having to learn the class to some degree. The starter quests were kinda fun but that's about it for me. But I mainly picked him up for just Inscription and the sole purpose of just selling Glyphs. Its all Business. That's why I leveled him to 65 so he can be maxed trained profession wise. That's about it. My DK does well being parked in Orgrimmar making trips daily back and forth from AH to Mailbox then to the Inscription parchment vendor. Then back to AH then to Mailbox and back to AH again. Even that is time consuming and getting bored with it as well. He is just about 450 Inscription minus a few points easily attained by doing Major Glyph research day in day out for new glyphs to make and sell. 

All my DK sells is Glyphs and does well. All I can say is he makes steady money and he don't sell every glyphs or a whole page full on AH either. He doesn't make a lot of money on one same, its just steady daily income from glyphs. But I'm satisfied what business he does and he sits on a good cushion of gold as well for play money. I have no immediate plans to lvl my DK beyond lvl 65 at this point.

For playing alts the state of things seem grim. But maybe some ray of hope if any in playing a Druid or a Shaman maybe. But even that is uncertain. Its just not fun for me to play alts and have to level again through the same exact content.

My Professions
I've not done anything meaningful since the beginning of WotLK with Alchemy. For much of TBC it was my Potion/Elixir machine. It made me vast amount of money. I played it very much as a business. For WotLK Alchemy hasn't done much except to craft one Trinket I use. But I haven't chosen to do much else with it either. But the extended time on Elixirs/Flasks is nice. Since I no longer have Herbalism as a synergy profession I do even less with it overall these days. 

But if you ask me to give up Alchemy for something else that just wont happen. Even though I barely use it for much other than to make personal consumption Elixirs and Flasks. Some people and many Tanks as well take professions for the bonus to stats they give or trinkets or armor bonus. I played Alchemy mostly for business end of things. And it will remain that way, even though I barely use it for any AH business these days. Its how I play the game.

Mining is ok. I usually fly my own mount every where I go vs taking Flight Paths. So I stop and mine every time I see Saronite and Titanium. So i do ok with mining. Since the stamina buff is passive I barely even notice it as well. The funny thing is on my realm the AH is barely stocked with Saronite and Titanium just glancing what's selling. Makes good money for he who farms the Ore with many too lazy to do so. So I sell at least a stack or two of Ore a day for steady income from AH with little farming and just what I collect flying around. 

When it comes to Fishing. I guess its just about the one thing I really enjoy doing usually and most the time these days. So now that I have the Sea Turtle mount there is a bit less fun in it. But fishing for me is all about relaxation in game. I farm my own food buffs always for Tanking. But the rest I sell on AH. I never flood the market with fish. But I sell just enough to keep the prices high without a over supply on the AH for good profit. And often its good for low impact money making.

Though they are a fun element Blizzard added to the game to keep people busy and all else. I've just never really cared much for them or taking the time to go out of my way to do them. So I have many achievements I can go about to do easily. But I just don't care to spend any time or effort doing so. I like to go about in game doing whatever I choose to spend time doing that's fun for me. Not what Blizzard says I have to do. 

But if a Achievement happens in the process of me doing something then that's just fine with me. Fishing up a Sea Turtle is great for the mount. But I don't fish just for the Sea Turtle, I fish because I really enjoy doing it whether there is a Sea Turtle or not.

I don't have any! I never bothered to make any either. I just do whatever seems fun these days. Gear upgrades are nice and something I do strive for. Yet much of it is not something one can control in a raid or if the boss drops an upgrade. Sometime the RNG curses you. So i don't even worry about it. If I'm lucky enough to pickup an item so be it. I just play for fun. Worrying causes too much headache for me.

Little Profit Here and There.
I'm not in the same league as Gevlon over at Greedy Goblin in how much cash he can make in a short span of time in how he personally play the game as a focus. But I do well at making money in game. I don't have to use every profession or sell everything. I just do a few select things to make money. I sell a few Glyphs. I sell some stuff i pickup in Heroics like lots of Frozen Orbs usually which the RNG likes to award me for some reason. And with no good thing to do with them I just sell them on AH. At one time I had about 30 Frozen Orbs sitting in my bank. I eventually just sold them all before they lost all value.

I don't farm anything much personally. Maybe Fish maybe just fishing but that's just for fun. I pickup lots of green gear running Heroics usually. If the stats suck for the item I vendor it without thinking much about it. If the stats are good I may sell it for more money for profit. How much lvl 76-79 green gear do you ever see on AH? Not much. But more than often I just save up my greens and have a Enchanter DE them all for dusts and essence. That's how I have a bank full of enchanting mats usually and can usually enchant my  gear rather quickly. I sometime just stock stuff for my own supply. Otherwise I just sell stuff when I have too much of it on hand.

Often I don't do anything much but just sell what appear in my bag on a instance run or questing. Like lots of Frostweave and such. When I instance I loot everything on the dead corpse. Be amaze in how many instance I do that people leave items on dead corpse. They leave money and items sitting there. I consider every bit of that as stuff that pays for my Plate Repair Bills. But somehow through all that my gold funds is in the thousands. 

I did make a bit of money doing the Argent Tournament dailies all the way to Exalted for all factions. But after a while that feel like it became a job to do but stuck it out to finish it all. So did make a bit of money. But now that's its over with the Argent Tournament, i haven't been back to do anything.

I'm not a big spender in game either. The most I spend money on in game is plate repair bills from instancing. On my DK who sells Glyphs, he buys a few stacks of some specific herbs when the price is just right to him. And when he buys he buys up several stacks at below trigger price levels cheap. I don't waste money buying pets or whatever else. I don't spend money collecting mounts or trying to. I don't lvl alts and try to give them all Epic mounts or Flying mounts. One flying mount is all I need. Bronze Drake works just fine for me. Do I really need a Red Drake even though I can buy one many times over?

I personally don't care enough to buy one even at that. I care less I can or may get a achievement for it. I rather sit on the gold for some unknown reason. Do i need a Bear Mount or a Mammoth Mount from the vendor in Dalaran? No, my Paladin Charger works just fine and I don't really need to show of I have another cool mount. I very much love my trusted Charger Horse and Its what I use. I can only ride on one mount at a time whether flying or land mount.

After all I don't play alts much as it is. I farm anything I need or can afford to farm. And by doing so I end up with more stuff to sell that I want to. For fun sometime I just run through a low lvl Instance or Heroic and whatever I pickup I just vendor it or sell whatever is of value. The other day I was running Stratholme yet again for some Runecloth for city reps. I completely empty my bag before I did the Stratholme run. I left Stratholme with a bag full of all kind of junk gear, greens, blues, rep items, and more as well all the rune cloth. Stopped by the Baron just for fun, no mount.

Vendored all the junk, sold all the green and blues and all the the Righteous Orbs and more. Righteous Orbs sold on AH for 20g a piece and I had several. All that stuff adds up to a bit of profit. But overall in game my expenses are very low. That's why puging don't bother me much. I can afford any repair bill. And with that I always come out ahead just doing the little things to make money.

But overall with all that my overall general feeling is general boredom these days. 


Suniojii said...

Didn't you just come out of retirement though? Cant quit now!

Gravity said...

I tried LOTRO free trial a while ago, to see if it would suddenly spark massive enthusiasm. Didn't. Other MMOs just pale compared to WoW for me. I have phases of boredom too, and I think it's probably quite widespread across the community.

Galoheart said...

@ Suniojii Yeah your right, not too long ago started playing after the long break. Unfortunate as it is I'm getting bored though :(

@ Gravity I know how that is. I may need to try something new maybe. Whatever that may be. But as well the funny thing with WoW is there isn't anything that much better than WoW around as yet. So who knows.