Thursday, June 4, 2009

PuG Tales: KT and 25 Man Naxx PuG

Ah life on a new Realm. Its pretty damn quiet when you don't know anyone and no one at all. So it can be very relaxing just going about doing whatever you feel like doing or doing nothing at all. Its often good to be stress free! So was in Dalaran saw a note in Trade a Paladin was LFM for 25 man Naxx. They needed some dps. Hey I got dual spec. /w I can dps Ret. Yeah PuG always get a bad name, right! Have a little Adventure sometime to see what goes on on your realm.

This happened on the weekend. It was about 3PM in the Afternoon on Saturday. I said why not, I have no guild that I'm apart of, and If I don't take the chance to PuG it despite whatever may happen either way that's a potential loss of Badges and chance at loot. Hey may make some new friends as well on my new Realm maybe. 

Took a little while to get all the group together. Raid was mostly a 25 man PuG group made up with at least a dozen members of one the guild on my new Realm that was leading the run of which both Tanks the Warrior and the Paladin belonged to.

So I DPS as Ret and only switched back to Protection for adds on Glutch to help out. Just about somewhere in 4-5 hour later. We full cleared Naxx 25. And with that I got my first kill of KT and as dps. Unfortunate that I didn't get a KT kill with my recent and former guild on my old realm I just left. 

The run was the fastest run of Naxx I've ever been on. There was one break at Thaddius for like 5 mins max at most. So was good for a Bio break. But the run went rather smooth for the most part and fast. Though close a few times, we had no wipes of any kind until Sapphion if I remember correctly where we wiped once due to positioning mess up and on KT we wiped twice once due to not making the enrage timer and too many people down other time was on some positioning as we had a bit of melee group as well.

But loot distribution was damn fast. You rolled on everything if you needed it for your spec. Roll was on main spec and if no one did you roll for gear for off spec. Since I showed up as Ret that was my main for the raid, so I only rolled on Ret gear only. Funny though more tank gear seemed to drop as well. That always seems funny how that works, bit I had no stress about it though. 

Everything on loot distribution went real smooth without all the crazy stuff you sometime hear about on loot. The Paladin who OT/MT with the Warrior not sure if he was using a addon of some kind but seems liked it. But as soon as he posted the loot to roll on it auto counted down from 5 down to 1 and you had to have rolled on the loot in that time. If you didn't you missed it. Yeah some people missed it if they weren't paying attention as well. So loot was done real fast. 

Most i really cared on the run was to just have some fun and maybe pick up a Libram for my Ret set. Unfortunately no Libram of Radiance dropped. But I did pick up a nice Ring for dps and I got my teir Shoulders finally for Ret set as well which was really nice pickup. My Historical /roll on loot is very un-impressive in all of WotLK and all the way back in Kara days. As well picked up another nice Belt for my Tanking Set. Will have to edit that in when I can as can't remember what it was.

But it was nice to do a run and seeing things differently as a DPS and much different things are as well vs from a Tanking view usually. But I had fun and in a PuG raid as it was. Didn't make any real friends as things was just going fast really. Both Tanks was really cool and friendly and we got a full clear and downed KT which was all great for the Achievement finally. And thanks to popping Divine Sacrifice with KT low on HP that saved the day as well. As a result I picked up enough Emblems of Valor from the full clear to finally get me the Epic Badge Boots as well which is another good thing to finally pickup also. As for DPS I was somewhere usually between 5-10 for dps and on KT I was #5. I guess thats good for being a non DPSer at heart as well.

I'm glad I decided to so have some fun. PuGing is a way of life for me so nothing new. Some new badges, some new gear. Repair bills I can afford because I make enough money in my business dealings that I don't have worries of any kind. 

I guess It was a good day and thanks to the guys from the Brew Crew guild as well for fun times and seem like good people there. Was a damn fun run. That reminds me why I personally play WoW, for FUN. I don't play WoW for raiding or for epic gear. I play to have FUN, the rest happen in the process!


The Renaissance Man said...

Getting into pugs and performing well is an excellent way to gauge the community of a server, expecially when you're starting from scratch.

Depending on your desire to raid, going outside the game is an excellent way to get a look at potential guilds, check their websites, check out the forums, and look at their progress on sites like Guildox or Wowprogress. It'll give you a much better idea of what you're getting into than some little trade chat blurb.

Good luck on your fresh start.

Cassini said...

It's nice to step outside of your familiar comfort zone sometimes (leaving a guild / realm / or even as siple as changing spec) as it allows you the freedom to do as you please instead of feeling compelled to do something you might otherwise not want to.

Enjoy your new realm. :)