Thursday, June 11, 2009

BBB on Blogging about Blogging

Was just cruising the blog beat reading stuff and BBB (Big Bear Butt) really has a nice post up on his thoughts on Blogging about Blogging and the readers that read the blogs. Really enjoyed the read, because I can agree with allot of it. No need for me to add much but to point it out so you can quickly hop over to BBB.

Ardent Defender
Blogging for me is just a hobby. Its remain a extension of me just playing the game. I have some degree of dedication to being consistent as a blogger in the length of time being here in my little corner of the sphere. But it takes allot of commitment and time to blog even for a hobby. You the reader do make it fun. Often you make it easier to blog on days when I really don't feel like doing so. I'm always aware when their is nothing new up for a post, but I'm never worried. This is not a job, but it can be if you let it.

It is a balancing act everyday to blog and depends on whether I'm having fun and enjoying the game while dealing with RL. The time will come to quit the game eventually and when it does you will know. Its worrying some when some bloggers turn off the lights on their blog and leave you in the dark. You wonder what happened to them as they are real people that play the game with you. I may move on to other things or nothing else at all when I do. You wont be wondering if I've quit or gone. You'll know. 

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