Monday, January 28, 2008

Altism, No! Just Band of Brothers.

After a year of playing Galo and with only one lvl 70 character, a few Epic Mounts, almost 10k gold just seem kinda nice to start playing around with a few alts. Outside of soon getting to raid Kara, I've just about done most of everything I feel the need to do for the most part. Galo's life these days just boils down to doing Heroics for Badges of Justice (48) and getting to raiding soon with the guild in a few weeks.

So at other times playing around with a few alts may be fun in itself and having a few other leveled characters. My Band of Brothers I call then. If anything helps to learn a bit of the different classes. Don't have any plans to blog about any of them and not sure either if I will or not. But so far just a simple goal of getting them all to lvl 20 be the goal at the moment and see which one I like to play. So created a few New Alts. So far playing a Druid & Warrior seems fun. Maybe 2 more Tanks, who knows. However just nice to relax and learning to play another class for fun. Made them all Horde of course!

Krovon - Lvl 35 Hunter (Mining/Skinning)
Eshelon - Lvl 20 Rogue (Leatherworking/Skinning)
Eternallord - Lvl 18 S.Priest (Tailor/Enchanting)
Bodvar - Lvl 13 Warlock (Tailor/Mining)
*Krathalas - Lvl 10 Mage (Jewelcrafting/Mining)
*Voodoolion - Lvl 5 Shaman (Herbalism/Mining)
*Gorias - Lvl 13 Druid (Herbalism/Skinning)
*Legendaire - Lvl 12 Warrior (Engineering/Mining)

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Xial said...

Have fun with your alts dude, this will definitely help you learn other classes and help better your tanking . I just started my Human Priest, I plan on making him my main!