Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Moving Forward

Hope you all started out the new years as expected and hope all that you wish for in the new year comes true or close to it. So for the new year decided to join a guild. Its also the same guild I joined briefly some time ago and left on neutral terms after a chat with the GM. I stayed in touch with the guild though I wasn't in it since I still had a few friends there. They have a new GM (Mage) now which is also a friend I ran many Instance with and I just made the decision to join them and see where things go from here. I had the choice to join a few other guilds and some more progressive ones also but i decided on this one (again). They run Kara weekly and they were more than happy I decided to rejoin then. Its a big decision in some way to join a guild yet I can be just as independent without one. If anything maybe Galo will have lots of drama to share now that I'm now in a guild maybe. Will see how it all goes.

In other news I decided I'm no longer committing Galo to doing as much daily quests or as I should say have a need to do anymore for now. Reason being in my Alt guildbank I now have 2 bank slots slam full of stuff one full of valuable herbs/food buffs from farming and the other full of Elixirs/Flasks/Potions and gems. I'm also sitting on over 5200g at the moment and I really don't need anything to spend much on except repair bills. So looking at things just no need to run dailies for cash, all it does is just pile up with nothing to spend much on for now until WotLK. I mean... I know how to make money so just no need to even try to do dailies.

So having some time to think as always until the time all eyes in Azeroth face to the North I ask myself do I have what it takes to be a good Raider? I know I have the work eithic, but time is my greatest enemy due to my extensive working hours.


Light Of The Sun said...

if you tell your guild abotu ti and they understand it should work. i am in shigh school and this summer i am going to get a job but i plan on raiding. i dont know how but i am.

Euripedes said...

The most important thing to being a good raider is to SHUT YER TRAP AND LISTEN.

The people in charge have done extensive research. Listen to them, they will tell you what to do.
From there, just do your job.

If you get told to tank X, you do that. Anything else be damned, X is yours and you tank it until instructed otherwise.

And that is how you raid. :P

agador said...

Good luck on the raiding! I've only been on one raid myself, but I found that looking up info beforehand and showing up prepared is quite important.

Also, I wouldn't worry too much about time as long as the rest of the group is aware that you may have time issues; basically don't just up and leave all of a sudden. It's pretty much standard gaming etiquette for the most part in my experience.

Manilin said...

Although I will not be as eliquent in my response as euripedes (lol), his point is well made.. For a long time I belonged to a raiding guild that liked to stay in practice by running the old world content like AQ20,ZG and the like and the "LAW" was for everyone to keep quiet as the raid leader would explain everything as it would unfold and pass off assignments to the different classes that were present for that evenings raid. While there may be folks in your guild that "think" they know what's needed to be done, too many "opinions" from would be experts will only confuse the others that have not been part of the raid team.. Only one or maybe two folks should ever be talking when preping for the run.. Coodination is paramount to a successful raid...

Glad you're trying the Guild thing again Galo.. Pug'n the likes of Kara is not a fun thing and rarely works out..

P.S. Finally got my epic flyer (woot) but your six day record to the Netherdrake is in no way in jeaperdy of being broken by yours truely...

Galoheart said...

I would quite easily say without a doubt that I know how to do everything suggested or mentioned above so far. I would also say i know how to do those to great degree.

Things I'm good at:

1. I know how to listen/follow instruction - I do that everyday in what i do for a living.

2. Research - I do my own! Afterall i research to find all the links on this site and its evident in this blog.

3. I have great gaming Etiquette not just good.

4. I'm both very accountable and very responsible both to a very high degree.

5. I'm Good Tank and a Skilled Player of my class.

6. I'm a considerate player in all things.

7. I know how to prepare and not something that requires effort for me to do. I often state i do my own farming for what i need. I dont raid, but my own Alt personal guildbank has more prepared raid Food/Elixirs/Flasks than most Raiders have on hand.

8. I'm but a Humble Player so i'm easily to get along with.

9. I'm quite resourcefull to get anything i need.

10. As a Tank and Player I'm always prepared in having my own Consumables/Pots and whatever i need if i can think of it and i have it in my bag at all times.

11. I'm both highly Dedicated & Committed to anything i do. That goes without question.

12. I'm not a Player that complains much on game issues. Thats obvious.

Everything i stated above is well documented entirely in the history of this blog and in screenshots. So when i think of anything that would not make me a ideal raider i guess i would say its: TIME or DEDICATED RAIDING TIME SCHEDULE.

Galoheart said...

@Manalin - Gratz on getting your Epic Flyer, well done and on the effort also.

I understand being able to Listen in groups/Raid enviroment. I do that extremely well. If i was on your vent server for hours, your wouldn't even know i was there unless you checked or just asked a question. I don't have a general need to do a lot of talking. I guess one of the reasons i like to often play Solo.