Friday, January 11, 2008

If I Could Start Over, I Would...

Always good when a fellow blogger ask a question and one becomes a team player in responding to a question asked by One Among Many on her blog. Altitis responded with what he would do on his blog.

I've thought about it and to be honest there isn't much I would do different but a few things and here is why.

The day I started paying for WoW after I bought the game disk at Best Buy and a WoW BC Strategy Guide the character I rolled on 01/22/07 a Horde BE Paladin (Galo). It would be more than obvious to you that its the very same character I play, main as and blog about life as. Galo also has the 2 very same profession that he choose on day one being both Alchemy & Herbalism. The day I entered Outland almost every profession that I had was almost at max skill level. So I've being more than happy with all my choices.

What would I do different starting over if had to do:

1. I would choose 2 gathering professions being both Mining & Herbalism.
2. Install AuctioneerAdvancedSuite addon right from the get go. Did't find Auctioneer till my 30's leveling.
3. I would mine every node as fast as I could find it using mining sell it on AH and use the money to invest in buying the biggest bag slots up to 16 slots. Then level and mine & herb everywhere for gold and cash leveling up.
3a. Biggest problem had was not having big enough bags & bag space starting out.
At 70 what I would do different is instead of running Instance for Tanking gear like I did to gear up before I had my Epic Mount. This time I would spend all that time Mining & Herbing Outland dry of Ore and herbs selling it on AH to get to 5200g for the Epic Mount. Having done that, I could now mine and herb Outland faster and make more money with more dailies and gathering profession at a faster rate to pay for all my gear enchanting and mats. Then decide to gear up and go raid. At that point, having money would be no problem at all and neither is having repair bills either. (Doing that would solve any money problem I could ever have in WoW)

So knowing what I know now, if I really had to do it all over again I would do just that!


Jerec of Area 52 said...

Been thinking about this article ever since you wrote it. Been asking myself the same questions in regard to my Paladin. I leveled pretty fast through to 63 and into Outlands, but my skills lagged behind. So I have been working them to the magic 300 so I can continue my level grind. I have mining @ 285 and jewel crafting @ 265. After reading your article I had serious doubts to keep working my professions and doing just what you suggested and just dropping JC and picking up Herbalism.

Would you really go that route if you could do it all again? Are there no professions that seriously benefit a Paladin?

Galoheart said...

If you enjoy your profession as it is currently and it us of great value to your character why change it at all. You may not like the next profession you choose and become frustrated if you don't like it.

I do like both my profession as a Paladin having both Alchemy & Herbalism which goes hand in hand as professions. I've never had to ever change the choice the first time around with those two. I've invested a lot in Alchemy having a lot of rare recipes and being able to craft many different flasks. Its of value to me and profession as things are now. Now to start over completely with a new character if I did not already have the one I already have is something different. I would not have neither the benefit of the skill in profession I already have with the time investment to get there already spent. So if I had to do it all over brand new to WoW knowing what i know the choice of the 2 gathering profession is what I would do and I would become damn good at the 2 professions and not just choosing the two. Now with my 2 current professions I'm very good at both because I'm a full practicing Alchemist all the time and not just having a leveled crafting profession there. I sell a lot if Alchemy. In Herbalism I practice it all the time, I'm guaranteed to be picking herbs all the time if traveling around Outland. I use my professions to my benefit and as a resource. My professions have no relations to a guild needs, its what benefit my character or that can aid me to my liking. I like my professions because I already have much invested. Would a Tankatronic Healm be nice from engineering? Sure be awesome, but I'm not dropping Alchemy to get a helm. Would a Dawnstone Crab trinket from JC be nice, yeap, but I'm not dropping my profession for it. Its more to look at than just a few things. At this point I already have too much invested in Alchemy to drop it for minor gains. Now to start all over fresh in WoW with new professions if it was my ONE new toon is something different entirely.

If you like your professions you should keep them or keep them for some benefit to your character or for crafting unique usable items or for financial gain.

Jerec of Area 52 said...

Thanks for the insight, I appreciate the feedback. I'll keep JC and see where it goes.

wannee akaht dee said...

I heard it's not so handy to pick up mining and herbalism together because you cannot track 2 things at the same time.

For this reason, people who really want to have 2 gathering professions tend to pick up skinning in addition to one of the above mentioned (I think it does not bring as much money but it is a good way to avoid missing herbs/nodes when you track something else).

PS: I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing all these articles.