Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mr Pinchy Caught and........He Got Away...Cries

Been trying to catch the rare and elusive Mr Pinchy since the day I could fish in Highland Mixed Pools at the elevated lakes in Terokkar Forest. Every good fisherman dream to catch Mr Pinchy. I finally caught him and red handed on my fishing hook and HE GOT AWAY.

In the process of capturing the screenshot for you readers I hit the wrong key on my keyboard and before I could bind him as he is BoP Poof he was gone before I could even bind him. AHHHH.


I will catch him again and Im not going to make a single post until I catch him AGAIN. Too tough a statement to make there to live up to. I'm challenged to re-catch him again, so will see how long it will take. I'm gone get about 5 stacks of Aerodynamic Fish Attractors and fish the lakes till he crawls out on my hook. For some people high level fishing is Serious Business to get a Mr Pinchy. If anything I'm going to make a fortune catching Furious Crawdads and Golden Darters in the process. Will see how long it takes in my free time when not running Heroics.


Cryon said...


Poor you, good luck on catching a new one.

estelito.iii said...

man that's a bummer. i already caught two before, none giving me the more elusive pet crab.


Kulrayk said...

Aww, but your posts are always interesting!

How about you keep posting, and then have an essay marathon when you catch Mr. Pinchy again? :D

Galoheart said...

Thanks for the comfort. Yeah its a real Bummer!

@ Kulrayk: Thats interesting enough to make a whole blog post on my attempt to recatch Mr Pinchy and I do indeed to recatch him. Will accept it as a challenge to do so, if anything it will be interesting between doing everything else. Maybe can make it more interesting to chronicle everything caught in the process.

Euripedes said...

A screen shot of you standing proudly next to Pinchy would have sufficed just fine.

Don't worry too much, mate, you WILL get Pinchy sooner or later =D

Xial said...

Ah, that sucks man, but from reading your blog I have come to know you are one that will go for what you want and will not give up until you have it! So good luck fishing!

Xial said...

Sorry for posting another comment right after my first but how would I go about getting on your blog roll? I added you to mine just because I find your blog useful and inspiring. No worries though If I dont meet your requirements :) Good luck fishing again!

ASA said...

hey, could you please list what add ons you have i like the clean look of your ui.

Anonymous said...

I just caught Mr. Pinchy about 3 weeks ago and am now lucky to have a Magical Crawdad as a pet. The pet I received was on the 3rd wish with angry mobs on the first two wishes.
I doubt seriously that this made much of a difference, but the previous Sunday I had gone to the fishing Extravaganza. I was a bit late in being able to go for the fishing pole, but I did fish up a couple of rare fish which landed me the fishing line and the fishing boots. This raised my fishing skill by 10 skill points. It was about 2 days later that I caught Mr. Pinchy.
Best of luck in your continued pursuit of that elusive crawdad.
FYI - I am Glam of Proudmore. A fellow tankadin.

Alystira said...

Galo...that is heartbreaking! Fishing is one of my daily activities and I try to catch at least a couple stacks of furious crawdads while out in Skettis. Having the fishing book is such an added bonus I can not begin to tell you. My friend and I are both 375 fisher's and are in a heated battle of who can catch the most Mr. Pinchy's and so far he has 2 to my 1. One of his wishes was the pet and I am so jealous as that is the one wish I really really wanted but unfortunately I did not get. Maybe my next Mr. Pinchy will bless me with the pet :) Anyways, keep that pole in the water and I hope you get him soon!

Galoheart said...

Thanks, yeah i will catch him......soon!

@asa at some point i will. I get that request allot for a UI post. I've listed addons i used before but cant remember a complete post up about it. Will when i can get to it.

ASA said...

TY :)