Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boosting Tank Threat With SpellDamage Trinket

I think I have 3 other spell damage trinket at this point other than the Darkmoon Card Vengeance Trinket which is always equipped. When getting up to the boss and you need an Extra boost of threat there is a few things you can do short of having a Destruction Potion (yet to find) available to use for kicks. So what's one of the things you can do. Well one of the things you can sometimes do in a 5 man Instance or Heroic is to switch trinkets and use the Scryer's Bloodgem Trinket from Scryers Revered if not there is one from HellFire Peninsular if you have that, name eludes me as WoW is down for maintenance. But I use the Scryer's Trinket. Pop Avenging Wrath (Wings) in between threat cycle right before you redo Holy Shield, Consecration and Judgement of SoR. Nice threat boost.

Always pop spell damage trinket before consecration and not during as it uses the spell damage you had before use when used in the ticks. Gives nice boost to threat with the spell damage trinket for 15 sec and cooldown last 1.5 min. Always use when cooldown is up. As to how to fit that into your threat cycle, everyone is different depending on their threat cycle but have Judgement of Crusader up when you use it for amplified holy damage. I always have the trinket with me, it may not always be equipped but always there to use if and when need.

Tanking Threat Cycle - Variable
Ready Seal of Crusader (*Depends if using SoR instead)
Avengers Shield
Holy Shield - Before boss
*Judge Crusader/SoR (Depends on first seal)
Pop Spell Dmg Trinket
Pop Avenging Wrath (Wings) - 30% boost to damage.
Holy Shield
Judge SoR - When Ready
etc repeat

If you open with SoR for snap aggro threat on Boss the of course on next cycle Judge Crusader. If Crusader first then Judge and use SoR. All depends on how trigger happy your group is and up to your style. When need to use Judge Wisdom do so later on if need in threat cycle. However if i'm using the Spell Damage Trinket I will try to pop it and use Avenging Wrath both before I renew Holy Shield/Judgement or SoR, Consecration on the next cycle for greater threat boost when each comes up for use. But that's the basic idea with a spell damage trinket while tanking IF using one. However everyone playstyle can be different.

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Cryon said...

Do you mean Vengeance of the Illidari from the Cruel's Intentions quest?

Although I dislike "active" trinkets, they are ideal for such situations.

Honors Code said...

Flask of Blinding Light. I love these things.

Galoheart said...

Yeah Vengeance of the Illidari one is not a good one really since its spell critical when active for stats better for any other caster though. That fortunately was the first trinket I had in HP since hell i didn't have any spell dmg back then.

But i like having the Scryers's Bloodgem as its Spell Hits and + spell dmg and another reason to get revered with Scryers. However Flask of Blindling Light is awesome sauce. Yeah i have a quite a bit of those Flasks stored up in the bank for future use too. Real affordable since of course i make those things .

Manilin said...

LOL.. I hate to admit this but I've still got my VOI equiped and in use since my scryre rep is still just a tad below revered and I just can't seem to find my last Furies card.. the "EIGHT" ( any on Trollbane server have it I'll pay handsomely for it.. hint hint ) so I'm also useing the +45 stam trinket from Netherwing revered =(.. But I guess something is better than nothing when it comes to increasing threat while engaged and since I'll be revered with scryre very soon, I'll deff. look into getting that Bloodgem... Thanks for the posting .. insightful as always.. your spell rotation already mimics my own so not much to change there... it just made sense to run it like that..

P.S. Revered no longer with Netherwing.. WOOT !! now zooming on my drake.. =)

Galoheart said...

@ Manilin If you have the VOI Trinket and its what you have well use it. When you get revered with Scryers you can get the Scryer's Bloodgem from them as its much better.

Gratz on the Drake!

Light Of The Sun said...

hm. when i tank i normally judge crusader. i judge light and normally keep SoR up all times. but i havent put my points into the imp. SoCrusader yet so as soo as i get that i can make sure that DPS gets that added 3% crit chance.Heres another question as well. The sword that drops in SLave Pens is a nice pally tank sword. the Lightsaber looking one i forgot its name...
but its speed is 2.2 is that still good for tank?

Galoheart said...

I usually judge Wisdom or Crusader. Wisdom most the time if i need a judgement or Crusader on a tough boss or when its a DPS race on the boss. Mana is what i need just about all the time. So i cant say i ever judge light at all. Only time i can ever remember judging light on a target that would have to have being when i was leveling maybe. Widsom is just about what i judge most the time.

There is a "Spellfire Longsword" that CAN drop from the first boss of Slave Pen i'm guessing thats the one you mean which has a 2.2 speed. Yeah that would be a good Tanking sword you can get to tank with AT your level since your still in the 60's and leveling. It had very good stats on it so good to use if it drops for you AT the level your are at right now.

Manilin said...

Thanks Galo ( on the drake ).. There is another trinket that you can get from the Sky-Guard ( exhaulted ) that you may want to check out.. it's stat boosts are all from Equip rather than use and imo, a better trinket...

And as for tanking weapons? Hands down, the Crystalforged Sword is the #1 Paly tank weapon.. again this is my opinion but seems to be shared by most Prot Paly's.. throw +40 spell dmg enchant ? and only the Suneater might and I say .. "might" be better..

Galoheart said...

I actually have both the Crystalforge Sword and the Continnium Blade and both are enchanted for +40 Spell dmg. I carry both and use them both.

Manilin said...

I should have stated that the crystalforged sword is a 70 lvl weapon only =( (sorry bout that)... also a nice tanking sword might be the one from Exhaulted Thrallmar rep...

Light Of The Sun said...

thanks for the adice galo! and i try to stack on stam and str but i know that the weapon/rings/back is supposed to have some spelldamage