Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cooking up Stormchops

Only took forever since Patch 2.3 to get this Recipe. Have done the Daily Cooking Quest almost everyday and only selecting Meat for the reward for chance to get this recipe. Finally got it, must be a rare recipe. Have all the new cooking recipes now. Will have to try it out. I remember when Lightning Fish was almost worthless, had tons of them from fishing. I guess its time to go fishing soon in Feralas at the Horde camp there in the river and at the Verdantis River in Feralas under the bridge. You can catch Lightning Fish there for a good spot. Anyone tried this Recipe out yet?


Grumpy Misanthrope said...

Deadwind pass is a better spot to get lightning least it is for me.

Alex - aka Firelight said...

The effect looks cool, sadly it doesnt do very much damage!

Like 50-70 when it pops.

Galoheart said...

Never fished in deadwind pass or as yet. Since not in Kara yet, im never much there in that area to even know you can find them there. I think you can find some in ZA, but thats off limit to me also at this point.

From fishing Azeroth and leveling Feralas was where i used to catch a bunch of those and a few other valuables. So thats the one i remembered.

But will have to ttry the recipe and see how it works. Maybe good for Aoe Grinding maybe then if it dosent do as much damage. Will see. Be fun all the same.

Luke said...

The effect is pretty poor but it does look, like 60 dmg, but I'm certain it occasionally crits for 1080 approx dmg - albeit only once or twice the whole night farming. Its only worth using where you farm in an area where you can easily handle several mobs. Actually, I quite like wandering round the dead mire in Zangarmarsh on my mount and picking up 5 or 6 mobs to burn down in one hit.

Oh and suffice to say, keep it well away from raiding!

Dakiros said...

It is probably not as good as using spell damage food although I have not done the math (not to mention you can get an unending supply of spell damage food by taking the box of meat from the cooking daily). The most amusing part about the stormchops is running by some little frog and seeing a lightning bolt zap it from 20 yards away.

Galoheart said...

Yeah just something fun food recipe to play around with. Have heard keep that recipe from raiding as well, never know when it may go off.

Already have a bank full of food buffs and spell damage food though of all kinds. Looks like the meat department actually at my bank.

Chihiro said...

Deadwind is good for fishing the eel and the Skullfish for the skullfish soup. My most popular food (+20 spell crit) with the guild.

dorgol said...

I fish my eels up in the water near Stratholme. It's generally abandoned, so my undergeared warrior can farm without fear of ganking.

As others have said, the effect is of minimal use. Procs quite a bit during AoE farming, and can hit targets at range.

The only time it actually hits for good damage is when it hits a critter. That's when you'll see the 1k+ damage strikes. Poor froggie.