Monday, January 21, 2008

MIA in WoW & A New Guild

Short quick post since be running out the door in a few min to my morning commute but have being missing in action in the blog office playing WoW a bit. So no one going to fault you for playing a bit more WoW when you can...Right?

Over the last week made a decision to move on a find a new guild considering my opportunity to run Kara is limited at best in guild. So in the end /w GM of guild nice guy the Mage and just told him being straight up of my decision and why I've come to my decision that i was leaving the guild and brave the waters to find another. He was quite disappointed though he understood and wished me well. So from there I moved on NOT blowing up any bridges in the process. Said goodbye to guildies and went on way way so I didnt have to stealth quit like most players often do. To explain in short my reason I looked at it this way: The guild is a great guild and pretty much completed Kara and already have a warrior as a MT. I really don't care about being a MT but just more about having a function and progressing. However the guild already had 10 Tanks maybe 12 with at least 6 of them being P.Warriors and several F.Druids and 2 P.Paladin Tanks if i remember. So looking at my crystal ball to my logic there really is not a place for me there even if my guild is progressing nicely and they have good people. There just is not a place for me there to be usefull or get to see and run Kara on my own merit without looking at being subbed in just so i could get a chance to pick up gear whenever i get the chance to do so.

So with that moved on for good. I decided to join another friends relatively young new guild a Warlock friend that i used to and still run with in PuG instances with when i was hitting 5 man for gear hard. His guild is much smaller and more a usefull place to be. They will be starting new in Kara at end of first week next month. Interestingly enough allot of the core people in the guild i also knew from 5 man instance in PuGs. On a small server when your a good tank you almost seem to know many people if you do PuGs allot, it sure helps to be good then. Always good to make friends in PuG's never know and on a small server you almost know everyone as your rep gets around. However the funny thing was i was the 9th signature not too long ago when he was forming his guild a few weeks ago which i helped him formed and then after left just to remain solo back then. So he was glad to have me join his guild where a P.Paladin will be needed and can make a difference. So that's that and so far so good.

Have being a bit busy running Heroics for Badges so a bit of time doing that when i can and so far Heroics are fun and not too eventfull just racking up badges. So doing that have being consuming a bit of time playing WoW, which means if playing WoW hard to be writing blog on the days when i have limited time to put some though into what i'm writing. In between trying to run Heroics i just spend my time Fishing Highland Mixed Pools to try and catch Mr Pinchy bit in the process of doing that i just catch a lot of Furious Crawdads which makes Spicy Crawdads which makes nice buff food and sells well. Well time to hit the door..

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Light Of The Sun said...

i stayed ret all the way up to 58. as soon as i stepped through the portal to outlands i was prot and have been ever since.i have already tanked ramps and Blood Furnance. needless to say the items i wished had not dropped so i keep hitting them again and again till i get them. i have put myself in the LFG channel everytime i get on. something i have done cause of you and reaing your blog.i see that my server is quite warm and friendly having a prot paladin. there arent alot of tanks though.most of my friends list is filled with healers and the like. and you will catch Mr. Pinchy. just keep fishin