Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heroics Instance, Once a Day Only.

It occured to me today that you can only successfully run a Heroic Instance once a day or until it resets once you've killed the boss. Yeah that sucks for racking up Badges of Justice for your favorite Instances. Ahh Bummer! However ran Heroic Botanica today again for the Server Daily Heroics and we ran it with relative ease and got 7 Badges for the Fun. 5 Bosses and 2 for the quest. Was mostly a early morning guild run of me, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage, Holy Paladin. Smooth run one or two people died here and there but was good run. So up to 38 Badges of Justice. WTB more Badges of Justice.

Got asked to run Heroic Botanica again for another group. Wasn't sure how the Instance reset worked on Heroics no one in group did. So not too soon noticed when we got to the boss that "Hey No Boss". Duhh!! Became apparent then. So group had to reset and find another tank. Yeah Sucks!! Seems you can only run a Heroic once a day as you become saved to the instance after the first boss kill. Looked it up on Wowwiki and found out that the Instances reset at 10am server time daily. Hey wasn't aware of that either. Always kept wondering how that timer worked and started counting when I entered Heroics and different Heroics on the same day. Well now I know.

However did notice running Heroic Botanica with 1 Warlock is fun, 2 Warlocks rocks for CC/AoE with a Tankadin. Many mobs are CC immune. 2 Warlocks with either a Shadow Priest/Hunter/Mage for DPS rocks just as much and works well. I've run with all those combinations as just works out well. Running with a Heavy Melee group in Heroic Botanica, at least for me and my experience never works out that well. I've run it with 2 Rogues for DPS and that just never works as great.

So far for Heroics I'm running the Instances I'm really familiar with and good at that being All Colifang Heroics, Mech and Botanica. I'm really good at Arcatraz on regular, but I've never tried that place on Heroic mode, imagine it can be rough there. SH on Heroics haven't done as yet. Auchindoum Instances on Heroics can just about rot in Hell can't say I ever wish to go there. As for now until raiding Kara starts next month a goal of 3 Heroic a day is all cool if can find groups/time to do either Heroic Botanica , Mech, UB, SP, SV daily. Maby I'm nuts but that would be at least 12 Badges of Justice a day. Imagine if I could pull that off everyday be allot of Badges of Justice. Yeah Nuts! But I'm good for it.


gt said...

That mechanic drives me a little nuts do. Different times for everything! Dailies.. new heroics.. Blah. I give up!

I find it funny that you love Coilfang since I absolutely hate it. Well mainly I hate SV Heroic. That first Naga wench boss really kills me. We did a triple run of Coilfang heroics and I have to say that SV truly drives me nuts. Too much AoE fear... to much AoE spam in general! I rather do Sethekk any day of the week.

Alex - aka Firelight said...

I'm never EVER going back to heroic Arcatraz...EVER!!! Never ever ever ever never!!

In a top 10 of my most despised instances it would be at number 1, 2 and 3!!!!

Galoheart said...

I noticed yesterday when the Heroics reset it was like 9am server time and seem to be the reset time.

I actually like fighting Naga's. Those guys are all fun. Hardest boss to me on Heroics of all the ones i've done on Heroics is Warlord Kalithresh with as much HP as he has and with as hard as he hits and with the reflect damage. Still like to fight him as its a fun fight. But last boss of Arcatraz on regular is a pain and thats regular mode, so i would imagine on Heroics he be even worse. Would only do that with a group i know real well.

As to why i like the colifang Instances and Heroics SV. The instances i run the most are the ones i'm most familiar with really and the ones i've run the most on regular. When i was gearing up for gear i needed all my gear was in SV, SH, and TK Instances of Bot, Mech, Arctraz. I ran those instances so many times to get my gear drops i knew them by heart after a while. On Heroics it happens those are the ones i ran the most too, because i'm a lot better at all those ones.

I find SP & UB to be relatively easy to do with a good group and helps allot to have a Hunter i find in both of those. Heroic SV is fun, i love SV. Having good cc is good for the casters. I always aim to shutdown the casters there first and then its never much a problem in heroic SV. Arcatraz is easy for me to do on regular and lots of fun. However i hear its hard on Heroics and have yet to do it on Heroics. The last boss can be challenging enough sometimes on regular mode especially if he gets lots of fear in on group.

Alex - aka Firelight said...

No the last boss on Heroic Arca is not all that bad...

Its the first boss....

Galoheart said...

Yeah that first boss of Arc does some deadly shadow damage especially with the voids on the ground. I've only done him on regular mode and never have much problem tanking him. All i do is tank that boss but stay moving backwards in circles at the same time, that way the voids it opens up never gets me much or for long. It gets tough for other melee class if they are on that boss as they take a heck of a lot of damage.

Alex - aka Firelight said...

Oh in theory its an easy encounter...but he does some immense damage to the ranged guys...and unless you've got some sort of super-amazing healer...forget it!!

Thankfully you can skip the sod!

Try it mate!! You'll see what i mean! Just make sure you pick up the Trial of the Naaru quest before you go in there! :)

Anonymous said...

Something else of note, and something I think Blizzard might want to think about changing is that since you were saved. Those 4 people that went it with you became instantly saved to your completed instance. This isn't a stab or jive, just an informative post. So, try to keep track of that for the benefit of others.

I had a group that this happened to and no one fessed up to having been in the instance earlier, kind of crappy.

wannee akaht dee said...

Normally when this happens, you and the rest of the group should bee in different versions of the instance: you should not see them and they should not see you.

You are a "version" of the instance cleared of bosses and they are in a brand new "version" with all the bosses still there.

However, if you are the group leader, this might be different: all players will just go to your "version".

Regarding the first boss in Arc, he is tough in heroic indeed. Even a good healer will really have a hard time to keep the group alive (this is the kind of encounter where I don't see how a holy pally with only single target heals caan make it).
However, it is not too hard to find some SR gear in AH (even green will do) to get something like 200 SR (with pally aura or priest buff). If you really want to do that boss (for the challenge, not for the drops!) then, get all the group to have around this amount of SR and should work.

I have completed all the heroic instances and imo, the toughest one (by far) is really OHB. Heard it will be nerfed in coming patch though.