Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Progress on Being Guilded and Whatever

So far life is much uneventfull and in some ways life almost haven't seem like it has changed as much. For the most part I just have a lot of green guild chat text in my chat log which is the most obvious thing to note and often it seems humerous at best. For the most part I can't say I ever respond to it much unless someone ask something significant enough for me to respond as in asking for help on something or such things. So far life is quiet and Galo just goes about his life as usual.

Helped out a guildie running SL and SV for some gear, just reps for me but thats about it so far. For the most part I tend to spend my time in LFG as I always usually being doing. Old habbits are hard to break, but for regular runs of instance I just like to PuG it. I'm used to that and if so its just to complete my faction rep gains. Most my guildies tend to do BG's allot for Honor gain for gear inbetween Kara runs or on days off. Since I really don't PvP being in the BG's just dosen't interest me much, however I haven't as yet decided to get the PvP mace as yet which is only thing that interest me there.

Started signing up for Kara runs on guild forum, but so far not really needed or as yet. We have about 92 people in our guild and counting the Armory out guild now had 10 Tanks. Yeap 10! Main tank is a Warrior and Kara geared and a few other protec Warrior Tanks also in Kara. Also have a few Feral Druids with Kara gear some and 3 Protec Paladins of which 2 are in a few Kara gear pieces already. For the most the guild has now downed all Kara Bosses. Currently the guild is recruiting other classes but closed to Tanks as we have plenty obviously. Some people are leveling other Alts in guild in their spare time. Its a good guild in my opinion and feel of things, yet for the most I almost feel useless being there on some days. I'll be honest to say it feels hollow in some ways that I may never get to say I had a guild Kara first being there or the attempt to do so. I've prepared but I'll never see that day trying to get a guild first in the act of attempting to do so. But from where things are its all fine. I'm also willing to give things some degree of time to assess things looking ahead. For now I'm not worried too much. I'm confident in my self if I ever have to change course if be and purple loot dosen't run my day also. I play WoW for fun!

So for the most inbetween LFG to complete any faction reps or working on Heroics for Badges I guess I tend to spend my time doing whatever. Sometimes its dailies I feel like doing, doing quests for overall. I constantly farm Herbs to and from places which I tend to make a game out of filling up Alt GuildBank slots for fun or fishing to see if can catch Mr Pinchy which I have yet to catch as a goal for fishing. I'll catch him sooner or later. On my Alt Banker its all about running his empire on AH selling anything I send him, reselling stuff or managing his 2 bank tabs. On some days to be honest the game seen to feel a bit boring to say the least. Someone asked in comments what my non leveling Alt Banker Personal Guild of (1) is called: Legion of Armageddon.

Warchest: 6200g


Gin said...


Mr. Pinchy is elusive but you will definitely feel like you accomplished something once you catch him. A side note, however. If one of your charges yields benevolent Mr. Pinchy, watch out! He is an agressive combat pet. I found this out the hard way as Mr. Pinchy wiped our group fighting Mag.

70 Tauren Druid, A Bit Buzzed Right Now, Zangarmarsh

Galoheart said...

Thanks Gin. Hey your on Zangarmarsh too. I know your guild, got a friend in your guild named "Tonic" a Resto Tauren Shaman.

Will watch out for Mr Pincy when I finally do catch him eventually. Just a matter of time before I eventually do catch Mr Pinchy.

Megan said...

How many Kara ID's does your guild go through in a week? Cause we run around 2-3, and I absolutely love it when I'm in one with our Protection Pally, we don't even bother shackling/offtanking and blaze through trash with him tanking everything and the kitchen sink.

Galoheart said...

Currently our guild have 1 Kara run happening weekly. Next week they are looking at having 2.