Friday, August 3, 2007

Death Knights & Wrath of the Lich King

Been reading all the tidbits ALL Day and then some about the new WoW Expansion and it seem its going to be awesome. Hope they don't make it a big grind to get to lvl 80 though. Professions will be raised to a level cap of 450 and the new profession Inscriptions seem to be interesting. I wonder if we will still be stuck with two professions or three maybe?

Also seems that there will be new gear you can get when the expansions opens up so all that raid gear will eventually be replaced in a few levels or soon. But I guess for now until the expansion arrives getting all the Kara gear and beyond is more about character accomplishment and progress until the world indeed does change. And it will indeed. People will whine about their new dungeon gear getting replaced. Ohh well.

What I'm totally interested in is the Death Knights. They sounds awesome... so far, need more info though. I just like the idea of a Spell caster that can truly tank and DPS or bring death. But don't you like wielding the Light? Well I'm a Horde a Evil Blood Elf a Blood Knight, we're in it for the melee and spell magic we need it. I love my Paladin, be interesting to see just what Blizzard changes in the Paladin Class though. But it will be missed if I have to unlock to be a Death Knight. Seem so far it will be open to all classes. Be nice if it was a Paladin Hero Class. Paladins already melee and cast spells in plate. Mean damm, Death Knights is a plate wearing class that cast spells. How do you go from being squishy to wearing plate armor and tough as nails?

Ahh well at least my Paladin is almost 70 so I'll be ready for the sprint from 70-80. What seem odd though is if you become a Death Knight and have to redo level 60-80 all over again that may no be as ideal. I'm liking the idea of been a Death Knight though. Who doesn't want to be a Hero! I'm sure to be a Death Knight. Yes Evil Blood Elf who loves Arcane magic gets twisted and become Death Knight. Can't wait.

To live life is to constantly progress and advance ourselves daily until we eventually meet our end or destroy or self prematurely. So too Blizzard shall constantly add fresh new content and advance the world of Azeroth. I too look forward to the next expansion: Wrath of the Lich King.