Thursday, August 9, 2007

Paladins Survey Blue Post

Was reading over at Wulfblood's Writings one of the many blogs I read and Ulushnar had a link to a Blue Paladin thread for a Paladin Survey on the EU Forum for possible feedback for improvements in the future by Blizzard. Thanks to Ulushnar for posting the thread on his Blog and so far the EU Forum thread has lots of feedback by lvl 70's as its Paladins only. Was a interesting read. It also has a followup Blue Paladin discussion thread also.

Posting the thread main link Here also for anyone that wants to link to it to read it. If your a Paladin in the EU then you can maybe add to the thread over there to help it along. Does seem a consensus that Redoubt is a hot one that needs to be improved for endgame among other talents.


Wulfie said...

I should point out that there's a mirror to the thread on the US forums here:

Oh and grats on the Vengeance card!

Galoheart said...

Thanks Wulfie.

However i just checked this morning on the US forum and its not a official Blue Posting or have a Blue tag on it as yet. So far its a Player made thread to mirror it on the EU forum.

Honors Code said...

On the upside, it seems our brothers across the pond "get it". They have come to the same conclusions, and have the same issues we do.

Now to see what Blizzard decides to do.

We need stuff in 2.2 and 2.3. This can't wait until WotLK.

Nibuca said...

If Blue posted on the US Paladin forum I would die of surprise.

Literally the last blue post there was before 2.1 was released.

Just not feeling the love.