Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Netherstorm - A View from my UI Window

Should have made this post yesterday, was too busy. The thing about playing WoW is that you still have to live and work in real life, well for some people that is in WoW. Life still goes on though your spending time playing WoW.

Been working all night, a day at work for me is 12 hours long with a 2.5 hrs commute total. So after a long night at work I'm all pumped up with coffee that's so I can do my commute home and only reason I'm still awake writing this entry.

Pic above is my UI, somewhat what I settled on yet tinkering with it at times its mostly all Ace Addons. Removed some addons also. Was just slowing down things too much. I have a wide screen Mac so its roomy on screen plus I can even enlarge it more since it dosen't take up the full screen either which allows me to have safari pages open to look things up. Screen even looks better when I maximize it. Using Omen threat meter and most the other on screen bars are hidden and show on mouse over. My bags are at the top of screen but they are hidden too.

Well I'm 67 now and inching closer to Kindergarden. Life at 70 where your real education begins. Dinged over the weekend on Sunday. Feels good to just make progress even if its baby steps. So knocked out 2 levels over the weekend and did some exploring in between to new zones and decided to go and pickup some new Flight Paths to Blade's Edge Mountain (3), Shadowmoon Valley (1) and (2) in Netherstorm. Then went looking for some herb Netherbloom only found 1 herb and had 2 snatched from right in front of me while fighting higher level mobs some of those stone Elites actually. Yeah Airborne Herb Farmers.

Explored Netherstorm just for fun. Found Area 51 and Stormspire where the Consortium city is. Seem the Consortium favors Enchanters and Jewelcrafters in their goods. Headed off and tried my steel at killing lvl 69 demons. Was fun for a while, lots of greens dropped but no plate. Demons fell easily and was nice XP considering I'm running on max double XP the whole way.

Got Honored with Sporeggar. Killed enough Naga's in a few hours to last a lifetime and picked up the faction rewards for the effort. Explored Blade's Edge Mountain a bit and found the eastern horde camp at Mok'Nathal Village to the far east of the zone. Picked up a quest at the Inn keeper for 2 new cooking recipes. So had to go and AoE kill some raptors and flying serpents which took a while to gather meat from both. Raptors drop seem much better for their meat vs the flying serpents. The recipes are nothing new if you picked up the 4 new ones at the vendor at Stonebreaker Hold (Horde) in Terokkar Forest. However the new recipes will bump your cooking up from green at 359 to yellow and it got me to 371. A few more meat and I guess I can squeeze out 375 on cooking since no one ever sells Furious Crawdads on AH to make Spicy Crawdads. Might be a moneymaker to fill that void on AH since I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for those things on AH.

Flew off to Nagrand after picking up those new recipes, at least had lots of new food buffs. Did some Hunter kill quest killing Talbucks, Clefhoofs, Owls and various others at the Elemental Throne. Storm a Orge camp for reps with the Mag'harAoE for a while. Lots more to work on there. Somehow through all that I dinged 67 as a result of the rest bonus XP.

Discovered 2 new Flasks also. Discovered Flask of Relentless Assault while making several Elixir of Major Agility. Then also Discovered Flask of Mighty Restoration while making a few Volatile Healing Potions. Not sure what the secret is to discovering new Alchemy Flasks, but maybe just making high end potions or elixirs in enough quantity may be the secret I guess.

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