Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Screenshots - Central & Southern Nagrand

Central Nagrand. Smack in the middle of this zone is a PVP Zone and a Neutral town called Halaa which is heavily guarded and can not so easily be captured by either Horde or Alliance. Sometimes have to turn in Quest items here when its in your faction control for NPC items. Saving up to redeem to get my 18 slots bags here. Somehow Halaa always seen to be in Alliance control. This one of those moments its actually in Horde control as you can see the flag. So I had to snap a pic of it too. Nice shot I think too.

Southern Nagrand. Overall Nagrand is really beautiful for the scenery as its a really nice zone to quest in one of the best one so far that I have enjoyed questing in. Took this screenshot among the many that I always take while just sitting on the mount looking around and at that humongous rock when a Elite came into view passing by. That rock I found out is Oshu'gun and is one Epic large diamond I would have to say. Made a nice photo shot. Hmm, I have a group quest still to down that guy right there too. I have to say Nagrand to me is probably the Best Outland zone in scenery and Questing. Blizzard did a really nice job on this zone.


Odius said...

I like Nagrand as well. Very nice scenery. Now if the Nesingwary quests just weren't so much of a grind!

Galoheart said...

The Nesingwary Safari quests does seem like a grind to complete really, however i did find them fun as well as getting around Nagrand. I like the exploration and often while on the quests I killed other things and was enjoying the scenary. Though overall I really did enjoy the quests as a Paladin. I tried and AoE grind anything I could the Owls & the Talbuks made things real quick and efficient that way.