Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Not Enough Time

Haven't done a post in a few days so I'm going to blame it on having all last week off to level to 70 and then having to go back to work working everyday up to today. Its been a drag the last several days at work to say the least. Think I do more blog reading at work than actual work most days. So compare to your normal week, today for me is Friday. The job is a grind (Sounds familiar), I do the same things over and over everyday with repetition except in those time when some systems there throw you for a curve and in those days I wish I was anywhere but work. But I really do enjoy my Job.

For the most part, if we all only had more Time. If you had more time you maybe get to 70, level that alt up, have more time to raid, have more time to grind those primals or faction reps. If had more time I could play more WoW and maybe not have a life. If we only had more time.

If I had more time, I would get off my tired ass and go cut my overgrown grass in my back yard I been meaning to cut it for a while. If only we all didn't have a real life maybe we could all just live in WoW and all raids will be always full.

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gt said...

I understand almost exactly where you are coming from...

"Think I do more blog reading at work than actual work most days."

That was my work week this week.... and most weeks.