Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Which is better Spell Critical or Hit Rating?

People sometime wonder why don't you write about good WoW stuff like raiders write about or stats or tactical stuff. Well obviously I'm not in the raiding game or yet. The Blog is about life as a Protection Paladin, the stuff or crap that happens, the choices I have to make and often its been about leveling because that what I've being doing since starting this blog way back in the 30's or so.

Questing I've picked up lots of gear with all different kinds of stats and most I can understand. Picked lots of spell dmg gear to know how just how tasty that is on a mob for increase spell damage and more is better than less. However I'm also seeing lots of Armor gear with "Spell Critical Strike Rating" & "Hit Rating" and since I do both cast spells and melee and I'm just wondering for Prot Paladin gear choice which one is better and how does picking either affects me offensively?


Honors Code said...

Hit Rating is really only needed in Raiding (Kara and above) by melee classes. It helps you overcome the higher miss percentage you get against ?? level mobs.

Spell Crit is more helpful for Holy and synergizes well with the Illumination Talent.

As a Prot Paladin, I'd love both those stats, as both improve aggro generation. However, the reality is I don't have room on my gear for those stats. I have so many others I need more that those are merely luxory items.

I don't have a single piece equipped with either stat, and that doesn't look to change anytime soon.

Nibuca said...

Agreed. For Protection you want defense (block rating, parry rating etc) until you get 490 defense.. and 102.3% combined avoidance.. then you need to concentrate on stamina(to offset the Paladin low hit points when compared to other tanks).

My gut feeling (with only a little research to back it up) is that Protection would favor +spell damage over the melee equivalent. Most of your damage (and your threat) comes from spells(holy damage).

Although crit damage (and even spell crit) is nice in solo.. your job as the tank isn't to do big damage.. it's better to do even damage (with high threat) over the long run then to have spiky damage.


Inaraserra said...

I'd go with a nice balance of both after you get your magic 490 defence.. as a tankadin, your threat will come from Holy damage, and most of your Holy Damage will be from Seal of Righteousness and Consecration.
The +Hit will mean more white damage hits vs raid bosses (and therefore, more Seal of Righteousness goodness) and the spell crit will help generate more aggro from Consecration and Judgement of Righteousness.
The spell crit will also help you with mana efficiency when you're soloing, as more crits = more mana back from heals.

Galoheart said...

Thanks for the feedback this. Does help a bit to understand both.

Yeah I do see getting crits sometimes when i heal, never quite thought of it that way though.

Wulfie said...

I'd always aim for hit over crit, although to be fair, I haven't seen much place to stack either as it stands. It's too much work to get your 102.4% avoidance, 490 defense and a solid amount of health to worry too much about caster stats.

Anonymous said...

Most of your spell-based aggro generation can't crit (holy shield, consecrate, seal of righteousness), so it doesn't help you much, imo. But yeah, avoidance and defense are far more important for you. Our Kara tank has almost no +hit and hasn't been having any trouble holding aggro and he's a warrior. Paladins have it a lot easier in that respect, especially in Kara, where you can use exorcism on almost all of the bosses.