Friday, August 3, 2007

World of Warcraft Next Expansion Confirmed

Its been confirmed over at WoW Insider and for all you folks at work that have those sites blocked by your IT department that the next expansion from Blizzard will indeed be: Wrath of the Lich King

Confirmed we will indeed be heading to Northrend to face Arthas the Lich King himself and the undead Armies of the Nerubian Empire the next expansion. Until that expansion finally arrives speculations will be all over the place as to new classes, levels, zones and all the hoopla about who gets to be a Death Knight or other Hero classes or whether its fair or not some classes get to be one. Get ready for all the whining and all the hoopla on the WoW forums.

Official new level cap will be 80.
New Powers & New Talents will be added.
Dark, necromantic Dark Knights will be a new character class.

Some where in the Q & A session it seems Blizzard may be looking at revamping old world dungeons for a upgrade, thats interesting.

Read it all here.
And here.


Salud said...

Official new level cap will be 80.

Well the gear now is obsolete.../sigh

Now should I continue to progress or wait for the expansion.

Galoheart said...

Just because the next expansion is announced don't mean you should stop playing WoW, progressing to get better gear or better your character. Its all accomplishment you can look at.

Untill the next expansion arrives not much has changed.