Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mission Accomplished! - Galo Level 70

Newly Minted Level 70 - Galoheart. Brave, persistent, courageous and daring Knight . If you met a Knight named Galoheart's that what he would be. In the WoW Armory the name is still unique I'm the only one with it at 70, I just checked. Started Galo 3 days after TBC released, I was new to WoW.

In the beginning I thought I would never ever get to level 70 and thought the people at level 60 were gods among mortals. Good things that's not true. I made one goal and it was not to get to 70. Made a simple goal to start, keep going and not quit just playing daily. That's simple how I got Galo to 70. /played 43 days. I can say I really love Playing Galo and being a Paladin vs any other class in WoW. Many other classes are much easier to play than playing a Paladin in WoW. I can say playing a Paladin is complicated. As Honors Code says on his blog playing a Paladin is like been Batman you got a lot of tricks in and on your suit and you get to do cool stuff. Kinda like that.

Leveled entirely as a Protection Paladin and my final spec is 0/45/16 I may tweak that some but that's my spec by choice. Still need to pay a visit to the trainer to pick up all the new training. It was not slow leveling either. I spent over 1/3 that time in AH working my Alchemy Profession supplying the entire serve pumping out potions day and night and making gold vs questing most the time. Other time Galo just spend time exploring around WoW.

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so does the journey of one Paladin begins with the drop of Seal. Well done young Blood Knight! You started a Tale of a Epic Journey and through diligence, self discipline and patience you have completed your Crusade to Level 70.

Galo's New Mount. First thing Galo did after hitting 70 in Shadowmoon Valley Zone was to turn in the quest that dinged me to 70 then get the new Flying Mount. Cost was 800g for the riding skills and 100g for the mount. Was very excited to get the new mount. Took the trip back to Shattrath City on the mount and flying over head well initiated Galo in Airborne Herb Farming. This mount is very slow. I just got the mount and the novelty of getting it is already wearing off, its slow. Honestly, I think I'll spend most my time mounted on my Paladin Epic Warhorse Mount, with Crusader Aura its 20% faster and I really don't mind stopping to whack a mob if I feel the need. I'll need the mob looted money anyway. I NEED A FASTER MOUNT. So new mission get or make 5000g to get the Epic Fast Flying Mount whatever it takes!

Its almost 5 am and done a all nighter leveling. Really need allot of sleep and need a vacation too.


Honors Code said...

Gratz on Level 70!!!!!!

What you will find is two things. A) There are places you can only reach with a flying mount like the dungeons of Tempest Keep and Ogril'la.

B) It is often faster to fly than to ride. Flying you can go "as the crow flies", straight from point A to Point B. Riding, you have to stick to roads or hope that a wondering mob doesn't knock you off your Charger.

Get your quests done to access the Daily Quests asap. Ogril'la has a nice shield at revered, but more importantly, it's a great way to start farming gold for your epic mount.

Odius said...

Congratulations on 70!

I'm with honor on getting the skettis/Orgi'la daily quests. That 72G you get a day from the six quests help out. Personally I'm starting to rock the AOE grinding at BT for my epic mount. Hopefully a week or two of that should do it for me.

Nibuca said...

Congratulations! Wish you were on my server.. we always need a tank!


Keiya said...

Congrats! :D

Gwaendar said...

Grats, well done!

Megan said...


Galoheart said...

Thanks everyone. And thanks you all for always stopping by.

Will look into the Daily quests to see what i have to do there for those.