Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Epic Tankadin Blade?

I saw this Sword just browsing through the WoW Armory, couldn't grab a image of it. It a drop from Archimonde at Mt Hyjal. Its also listed as the T5 Warlocks Weapon Sword. Its funny the crap you can read over at Thottbot sometimes in comments. The Spell Damage alone and threat you can generate from this sword at 1.8sec speed/ Reckoning and SOR would send you off the charts with Holy damage and threat. How can you tell me that this is not a Epic Phat Sword for a Tanking Protection Paladin IF one of us could get our hands on it?

Tempest of Chaos
Binds when picked up
Main HandSword
16-132 DmgSpeed 1.80
(41.0 damage per second)
+30 Stamina
+22 Intellect
Durability: 105 / 105
Requires Level 70
Equip: Improves spell hit rating by 17.
Equip: Improves spell critical strike rating by 24.
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 259.

It might take the next expansion for me to even get a skin of a chance to get a hand grip on this sword in some kind of raid at lvl 80 maybe. Dreaming maybe.


Leiandra said...

Yeah, I guess if all of your casters had it, they might let you roll on it. But you're right, it would make an awesome threat sword.

Dethedrus said...

Or just starting doing Arena as soon as possible. 3750 or thereabouts gets you a swanky +225 dmg 1h hammer :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh that would be a fun weapon for a spell set. I would though, never ever ever consider rolling or bidding on that unless all of the casters had passed. Tanking wise, it would be better to get a weapon with defensive stats. Spell hit and spell crit makes that more of a caster weapon.

Kaziel said...

@leiandra: If you are regularly a tank for your guild's raids and you can get that far, you can easily justify being just as valid a choice for getting that sword as a normal caster. The reason becomes that as a paladin tank, your threat generation is directly tied to how much spell damage you have, and weapons are one of the easiest places to get it, without giving up a lot of stats elsewhere. If you can't generate enough threat, it doesn't matter how much damage the casters put out, because they can't use it all, since your lack of threat will hold them back. :)

And yes, that is pretty much _the best_ paladin tanking sword currently in the game.